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Comp. Chapter 12

Computer program
Step by step instructions that tell a computer how to solve a problem or carry out a task
The instructions that make up a computer program
Computer programming
Broad set of activities: planning, coding, testing and documenting
Computer programmers
Focus on coding process of program development
Software Engineers
Focus on the development process
What is Fourth-generation languages?
closely resembles human language
What is Fifth-generation languages?
Based on a declarative programming paradigm
WHat is The programming paradigm?
a way of conceptualizing and structuring the tasks a computer performs
What is The problem statement?
defines certain elements that must be manipulated to achieve a result or goal
What are 3 characteristics of a problem statement?
Specify assumptions
Specify known information
Specify when the problem has been solved
What is An Assumption?
Something that you accept to be true
What is Known information?
givens. helps the computer to solve a problem
What is a variable?
represents a value that can change
What is a constant?
a factor that remains the same
What is Predictive methodology?
requires extensive planning and documentation upfront
What is agile methodology?
focus on flexible development and specifications that evolve
What does computer programming depend on?
program language, tools and paradigm and what code editor you are using
What is a text editor?
word processor that can be used for basic text editing tasks
What is a program editor?
a type of text editor, specifically designed for entering code
What is VDE?
visual development environment that provides programmers with tools to build substantial sections of a program
What are some program errors?
syntax, runtime, or logic
What is a syntax error?
When an instruction does not follow the syntax rules or grammar
What is a runtime error?
Occurs when you run the program and it doesnt work
What is a logic error?
Error in logic i.e wrong formula
How do programmers find errors?
manually or with a tool
What is a tool programmers use to find errors?
a debugger that reads through lives of code and solve problems
What are comments?
a form of documentation that programmers insert into the program code
What is SDK?
software development kit that is a collection of language specific programming tools that enables a programmer to develop applications for a specific computer platform
What is an IDE?
integrated development environment is a type of SDK that packages a set of development tools into a sleek programming application
WHat is a component?
is a prewritten module, typically designed to accomplish a specific task
What is An API?
is a set of application program or operating system functions that programmers can access from within the programs they create
What are the most popular programming languages for commercial Gaming?
C, Java, and C++