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turn on the oven about 10 minutes before putting in the food. this gives the oven time to reach the temperature needed
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a guide to help you prepare a certain food (with step by step directions and ingredients)recipemix fat (flour and margarine)what is a use for a pastry blender?There is a ruler on the side of the stick. Cut at the measurement you needexplain how to measure margarine using the stick method81 stick=__ Tbspa glaze is an egg mixture used with a pastry brush and put on top of foods that you back to catch the eyewhat is a glaze? how is is used?1. it's a fungi 2. makes a mixture rise 3. produces CO2what are 3 things you know about yeast?6 monthswhat is baking powders' shelf life?put a sheet of parchment paper on the baking sheetname 1 guideline for baking cookies1. place the cup onto wax paper 2. spoon it in 3. pack it in tight 4. level it offhow do u measure brown sugar?amount of servingsyieldto pass dry ingredients though a siftersiftto press down hard with your hand to mix ingredientskneadnutmeg and cinnaminname 2 spices used in recipes1. expiration date 2. put it in water, if it sinks its good if it floats its baddescribe 2 ways to tell if an egg is freshwhole wheat and all purposewhat are 2 different types of flour?brown, confectioner, and granulatedwhat are 3 different types of sugar?1. pleasing texture 2. delacitely brownedname 2 criteria for evaluating drop cookies1. no tunnels 2. good flavor 3. moist texturename 3 criteria for evaluating muffinscanola oilname 1 healthy oil that can be used in bakingcut inuse pastry brush or two knives and a cutting motion to mix solid fat with dry ingredients, like in making a pie crustwhipbeat ingredients together very rapidly to bring in air and increase volumebeatto smooth a mixture, as in mixing a cake batter. use quick over and under motion with spoon or wire whiskstiruse spoon to make circular or figure 8 motions as in soup when it warmsblend, mix, combineuse a spoon to stir 2 or more ingredients together thoroughlycreamuse spoon, beater, or mixer to combine ingredients until soft and creamy (margarine and sugar)folduse rubber scraper to gently combine ingredients in a delicate mixture, such a folding in beaten egg whitesgraterub food over a grater to get fine particles, as in grating cheeseshredcut or tear food into long thin pieces. use knife, forks, or graterparecut off outside of a fruit of vegetablecubecut evenly shaped pieces about 1/2" on each sidedicecut event shaped pieces about 1/4" on each sidemincechop food into pieces that are as small as possible like onionchopcut food into small irregular pieces, as in chopping green peppersgreaserub lightly with fat, such as butter or shorteningseasonadd seasonings such as salt, pepper, herbs to add to the flavorgarnishdecorate a food dish with a small food item like parsleycoatcover surface or food with a dry ingredient such as flour or cornmealbastemoisten foods such as meat while cookingdrainremove excess liquid by placing food in a colander