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Betrayal Quote 1
'Miles wanted to tell Joe that things were bad at home. He wanted to tell him that working on the boat was bad and that he didn't know what to do [...] Because he wanted to stay at Granddad's. He wanted to stay with Joe.'
Betrayal Quote 2
'And he cupped it in his palm - the white pointer's tooth. "It's his," he said, and his face went pale. "His."'
Betrayal Quote 3
'And it made him sick the way Dad's face was. The way he looked like he was crying. Like someone had done something terrible to him'
Freedom Quote 1
'Then he threw Joe hard across the room and Joe hit the kitchen bench and there was a terrible crack.'
Freedom Quote 2
'"I just gotta get out of here,"' and 'Joe was ready to go right now.'
Freedom Quote 3
'...Miles wanted to tell [Joe] to shut up [...] He didn't have to live with Dad and work on the boat. He didn't have to look after Harry.'