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Name and describe the issue in two of Erikson's Psychosocial stages of development.
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Proactive interference,The tendency for information learned in the past to interfere with the retrieval of new material.he Original Formula for calculating IQ:mental age, divided by chronological age, times, intelligence is measured using ________relative scores"relative scores" what this means.relative scores measures intelligence (how a person scores relative to other people the same age)Reliability,the ability of an assessment to provide consistent results. More important during IQ test.Validity,The degree to which an assessment measures what it intends to measure. (studying the correct material for your upcoming test.)Spearmans G factors,an intellectual competence that drives abilities in many areas, including verbal, spatial, and reasoning abilities.Multiple intelligence (Gardner 8)eight different types of intelligences or frames of mind. Linguistic(verbal), logical, mathematical, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalist.What types of evidence support the multiple intelligences view?- Is apparent in people with some kind of brain damage. Also observing people with savant syndrome.Multiple Intelligences theories (know Sternberg's 3 types of intelligence and that Gardner's theory is an alternative)- Sternberg's 3 types of intelligence, Analytical (solve problems), practical (common sense) and creative (think outside the box). Garners theory is an alternative to Sternberg's.What is Savant Syndrome?A person with a developmental disability such as autism. They generally score lower on intelligence tests but have some area of extreme singular ability. Supports to multiple intelligences view.Intelligence and the "Nature vs. Nurture" issue.e, is the debate about whether human culture, behavior, and personality are caused primarily by nature or nurture.What do twin studies show? (nature vs nurture)- The closer the degree of the genetic relationship the more similar the IQ scores are. Genes play a major role in determining intellectual abilities.What about adoption studies?- About half of the variation in intellectual or cognitive ability can be attributed to genetic makeup and the other half environment.Brain plasticityis the ability of the brain to change—physically, functionally, and chemically—throughout life.What is the "7 + or - 2" rule?- A basic formula referring to how many things you can rememberEncoding _____ aspects of information are the best."Semantic"Semantic (declaritive)refers to factual knowledge.Episodic (non declaritive)Memories of eventsEncoding Failure,refers to the brain's occasional failure to create a memory link.The Serial Position effect and retrieval problems. Primacy and Recency effects.- The serial position effect is the tendency of a person to recall the first items (primary effect) and the last items (recency effect) in a series best, and the middle items worst.The Misinformation effectThe tendency for new and misleading information obtained after an incident to distort ones memory of it. Example, Definitely remembering that it was a stop sign but in reality it was a yield sign.Iconic memory-visual impressions that are photograph-like in their accuracy but dissolve in less than a second.Echoic memory,exact copies of sounds we hear.