this was the intullectual movement which started the renissance
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How did the scientific revolution change the way people thought?People began questioning traditional viewpoints that had been held.What was the Church's reactions to Galileo's discoveries?Heavily criticized themWhat is at the center of the Heliocentric model of the universe?The SunThe church felt threatened by the scientific revolution because it...Questioned traditional church teachingsThis process allowed scientists to find the answers to question through the use of reason.The Scientific MethodHe was the most famous writer from the Renaissance, focusing on the human experience.William ShakespeareThis Swiss leader of the Reformation would go on to found his own church, heavily based on the idea of predestination.John CalvinHe proposed a Heliocentric (sun centered) universe in 1543.CopernicusHis discoveries in science eventually lead to the discovery of gravity.Isaac NewtonHe was excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1521.Martin LutherThe Renaissance led to advances in what fields?Artistic Reformation(religion) Economic (exploration) Scientific revolution enlightenment (political)When did the Renaissance begin14th-17th centuries.Renaissance artists flourished under the support of what 3 groups?patrons of the art bankers merchant and tradershow does Italy differ from England, Spain, and France?its different because it is the home of the catholic church and its not unified it was all split up.....but it was still italy.How did Shakespeare's works reflect humanism?he had insight in knowledge.Patrona person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, and activityPerspective Perspective Perspectivethe art of drawing of solid objects and 2d surface.Humanitiesstudies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills.What was the most powerful institution in Europe in the 1500's?most europeans are christians belonging to the catholic church.Identify the two SOCIAL causes which lead to the Reformation.Humanism lead people to question the church printing press allows these ideas to spread.Which three groups are taxed or give to the Catholic Church to make it so wealthy?italian princes Merchants ordinary people.Sale of Indulgences?the idea of the catholic church was that your sins could be forgiven if you practiced good deeds or confessed your sins. but the church SOLD these, people believed they can BUY their way into heaven.What German monk was critical of the Catholic Church, and why?uther objected to johann tetzel of wittenberg offering the sale of indulgence to help rebuild st.peter cathedral in rome.. What was the purpose of the Council of Trent (1545)?works to end corruption and punish wrongdoingWhat is Andreas Vesalius famous for?his first accurate and detailed study of the human body.What French physician developed new surgical techniques and artificial limbs?Ambroise PareWhat is Isaac Newton most famous for?publishing a book explaining the law of gravity and other workings of the universe.Nicolaus CopernicusHe published On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres. In it, he proposed a heliocentric, or sun-centered, model of the universe. The sun, he said, stands at the center of the universe. Earth is just one of several planets that revolve around the sun.Johannes KeplerNicolaus' partner- collected data from himGalileo GalileiHe assembled an astronomical telescope. he observed that the four moons of Jupiter move slowly around that planet and realized that Earth moves around the sun.rancis Bacon & Rene DescartesObservations and calculations support Heliocentric viewRobert Boylerefined the alchemists' view of chemicals as basic building blocks. He explained all matter as being composed of tiny particles that behave in knowable ways. He distinguished between individual elements and chemical compounds, and explained the effect of temperature and pressure on gases. Boyle's work opened the way to modern chemical analysis of the composition of matter.Isaac Newtonshowing that a single force keeps the planets in their orbits around the sun; he called this gravity.