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  1. pace
  2. enjambment
  3. free verse
  4. apostrophe
  5. parallelism
  1. a no fixed meter or rhyme
  2. b describes a line of poetry in which the sense and grammatical construction continues on to the next line
  3. c tempo or rate implied by the structure and style of the poem
  4. d someone absent, dead, or imagianary, or an abstraction, is being addressed as if it could reply
  5. e presents coordinating ideas in a coordinating manner

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  1. unrhymed iambic pentameter
  2. repetition of the same word or words at the start of two or more lines
  3. internal organization of a poem's content
  4. representation through language of a sensory experience
  5. repetition at close intervals of vowel sounds

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  1. rhymerepetition of end sounds


  2. stanzaword order or grammatical appropriateness


  3. caesuraa natural pause in the middle of a line, sometimes coinciding with punctuation


  4. coupletan extended witty, paradoxical, or startling metaphor


  5. syntaxword order or grammatical appropriateness