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  1. refrain
  2. consonance
  3. synecdoche
  4. couplet
  5. allegory
  1. a symbolism; the part signifies the whole, or the whole the part (all hands on board)
  2. b repetition at close intervals of final consonant sounds
  3. c two successive lines which rhyme, usually at the end of a work
  4. d characters are symbols, has a moral
  5. e repeated word, phrase, line, or group of lines in a pattern

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  1. a natural pause in the middle of a line, sometimes coinciding with punctuation
  2. comparison using 'like' or 'as'
  3. harsh, non-melodic, unpleasant sounding arrangement of words
  4. what a word suggests beyond its surface definition
  5. repetition at close intervals of initial consonant words

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  1. enjambment14 line poem, fixed rhyme scheme, fixed meter (usually 10 syllables per line)


  2. onomatopoeiasomeone absent, dead, or imagianary, or an abstraction, is being addressed as if it could reply


  3. personificationwhat a word suggests beyond its surface definition


  4. metaphorimplied or direct comparison


  5. stylewriter's attitude toward the audience or subject, implied or related directly