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  1. iambic pentameter
  2. apostrophe
  3. internal rhyme
  4. diction
  5. archetype
  1. a choice of words for effect
  2. b 70% of verse is written this way; ten syllables per line, following an order of unaccented-accented syllables
  3. c someone absent, dead, or imagianary, or an abstraction, is being addressed as if it could reply
  4. d repetition of sounds within a line (but not at the end of the line)
  5. e a character or personality type found in every society

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  1. a natural pause in the middle of a line, sometimes coinciding with punctuation
  2. internal organization of a poem's content
  3. an extended witty, paradoxical, or startling metaphor
  4. exaggeration, overstatement
  5. incongruity or discrepancy between the implied and expected; verbal, dramatic, situational

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  1. consonancerepetition at close intervals of final consonant sounds


  2. cacophonyharsh, non-melodic, unpleasant sounding arrangement of words


  3. imageryregularized rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables; accents occur at approx. equal intervals of time


  4. connotationwhat a word suggests beyond its surface definition


  5. onomatopoeiause of words which mimic their meaning in sound