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  1. dramatic monologue
  2. structure
  3. alliteration
  4. style
  5. synecdoche
  1. a symbolism; the part signifies the whole, or the whole the part (all hands on board)
  2. b internal organization of a poem's content
  3. c an author's combined use of these ideas into a recurring pattern of usage
  4. d character "speaks" through the poem; a character study
  5. e repetition at close intervals of initial consonant words

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  1. repetition at close intervals of vowel sounds
  2. exaggeration, overstatement
  3. latter two syllables of first word rhyme with latter two syllables of second word (ceiling appealing)
  4. statement or situation containing seemingly contradictory elements
  5. what a word suggests beyond its surface definition

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  1. oxymoroncompact paradoxl two successive words contradict each other


  2. iambic pentameterpoetry with the primary purpose of teaching or preaching


  3. symbolismcomparison using 'like' or 'as'


  4. imageryrepresentation through language of a sensory experience


  5. understatementsaying less than one means, for effect