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  1. conceit
  2. persona
  3. personification
  4. meter
  5. structure
  1. a giving a non-human the characteristics of a human
  2. b an extended witty, paradoxical, or startling metaphor
  3. c internal organization of a poem's content
  4. d regularized rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables; accents occur at approx. equal intervals of time
  5. e assumed speaker of the poem; typically used synonymously with 'speaker'

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  1. basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word
  2. repetition at close intervals of initial consonant words
  3. a reference to something in literature of history
  4. wave-like recurrence of sound
  5. compact paradoxl two successive words contradict each other

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  1. dramatic monologuecharacter "speaks" through the poem; a character study


  2. similean author's combined use of these ideas into a recurring pattern of usage


  3. archetyperepetition of end sounds


  4. cacophonypleasant, easy to articulate words


  5. iambic pentameterpoetry with the primary purpose of teaching or preaching


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