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  1. refrain
  2. free verse
  3. apostrophe
  4. elegy
  5. parallelism
  1. a poem which expresses sorow over a death of someone for whom the poet cared, or on another solemn theme
  2. b presents coordinating ideas in a coordinating manner
  3. c someone absent, dead, or imagianary, or an abstraction, is being addressed as if it could reply
  4. d no fixed meter or rhyme
  5. e repeated word, phrase, line, or group of lines in a pattern

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  1. basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word
  2. repetition of end sounds
  3. repetition at close intervals of final consonant sounds
  4. unrhymed iambic pentameter
  5. symbolism; the part signifies the whole, or the whole the part (all hands on board)

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  1. allusiona reference to something in literature of history


  2. syntaxgroup of lines


  3. paradoxstatement or situation containing seemingly contradictory elements


  4. feminine rhymefinal syllable of first word rhymes with final syllable of second word (scald recalled)


  5. dictionbasic definition or dictionary meaning of a word


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