Landmarks In Humanites Special Edition for Valencia College McGraw Hill copyright 2013 Author: Gloria K. Fiero

Romanticism might be said to have rebelled against all of the following EXCEPT ______


"Lyrical Ballads"

The landmark work that marked the birth of the Romantic movement in England was William Wordsworth's

By "sublime," romantics like Wordsworth were referring to

awe-inspiring nature

John Keats

wrote "Ode on a Grecian Urn" which concludes that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"

Goethe's hero, Faust, is symbolic of the Western

urge to transcend limitations

Darwin contributed to the study of biology chiefly by

developing the theory of natural selection

J. M. W. Turner, John Constable, and Thomas Cole were all noted painters of

natural landscapes

The American writer Henry Thoreau

valued nature as a source of instruction

One of the main characteristics of Whitman's landmark poetry is that it

is written in free verse

Jane Austen

is considered to be one of the first Realists in the English novel-writing tradition

Frederick Douglas

male counterpart to the abolitionist Sojourner Truth

George Catlin did NOT ____

use his paintings to garner support for the government's policy of relocating Native Americans to reservations

"The Disasters of War"

history of the French occupation of Spain in a landmark series of etchings and aquatints written by Goya

Frederick Douglas

former slave who learned to write and personally authored a memoir with their own hand

A hallmark of Delacroix's style is

pictorial license

In Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People" featured those he considered to be heroes of the French Revolution including

members of the middle and working classes.

London's Houses of Parliament are a landmark example of


In his landmark symphonies, Beethoven made use of ______ (name 3 things)

1. strong contrasts of loud and soft sound 2. the scherzo
3. dramatic motifs.

Of nineteenth-century music, it is correct to say that

the orchestra grew to grand proportions

The fact that the nineteenth century was "the age of the virtuoso" is most evident in the work of



the independent art song originated by Franz Schubert that united music and poetry

Romantic ballets such as "La sylphide" derived their plot lines from

fairy tales and folk legends

The most famous paintings of Géricault and Goya depicted

current events

Eastern exotic

describes the Romantic architecture at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton

The nineteenth century was an important time in African history because (name 3 things)

1. African music and literature came to be recorded 2. Africans produced some of their most notable textile and beadwork artifacts 3. medical advances against malaria permitted increased contact with Western explorers.

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