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Bible as a Story Exam #3


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Who was Jesus' primary Galilean opposition in the Gospel of Mark?
Chief Priests
What was the Jesus' Galilean opposition concerns in the Gospel of Mark?
Disruption of the temple
Who was Jesus' primary Jerusalem opposition in the Gospel of Mark?
What were Jesus' Jerusalem opposition in the Gospel of Mark?
interpretation of the Torah
What group does Jesus not argue with in the Gospels?
According to Jesus' words in the Gospel of Mark, what is the function of the parables?
to confound those who don't have the secret of the Kingdom
What is the turning (transition) point of Mark's story?
Peter's confession in Caesarea Philippi of Jesus as the Christ
The literary technique called "tripling" is used to draw
attention to important ideas or elements in a story. Where is tripling used in the Gospel of Mark?
Jesus' predictions of his rejection, death, and resurrection
What is the Gospel presenting Jesus as the Word (Logos) of God that created the world?
What is the Gospel containing the least information about Jesus before he appears in the wilderness as a grown man
Which Gospel presents Jesus as the "I AM" of the
Exodus burning bush story?
What title or name only occurs only in one Gospel?
Which Gospel does not contain parables?
What is one of the main themes of Mark's passion story?
Jesus as the King
Jesus is the righteous sufferer whom God will vindicate
"my God, my God, why have you forsaken me"
Why might the original ending of Mark be embarrassing
to early Christianity?
there are no resurrection appearances
Acc. to Ryken, what is the most literary Gospel?
Which Gospel denies that John the Baptist is Elijah, and
presents Jesus' disciples baptizing?
Acc. to Ryken, what is the classic encounter story in the Gospels? (it is only in the Gospel of John).
samaritan women at the well
What does the term Paraklete signify in the Gospel of John?
The Holy Spirit
What did the inscription on Jesus' cross mean?
identified him as the king of the Jews
In the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem,
what is the significance of the colt?
Zechariah said the humble and peaceful king would come riding in on a colt
1 Corinthians 13, which praises agapé, is an example of what?
What is the second volume of Luke?
Acts of the Apostles
The first speech in Acts by a disciple follows what?
Pentecost outpouring of the Spirit
What is the technical term for speaking in tongues?
What were the values of the early post-Jesus movement, according to Acts?
What does Stephen's speech before the council argue?
he was critical about the temple and law of Moses
What is the significance of the "Damascus Road"?
d. this is the site of Paul's vision
What in Peter's vision means that the gentiles are acceptable to God?
unclean animals on a sheet
In the story of the Jerusalem "council," the Pharisees
advocate which position?
gentiles must be circumcised and obey the Torah
In the Jerusalem "council" story, Peter argues that God
has already accepted the gentile Christians because why?
God gave them the Holy Spirit
The final decision of the Jerusalem "council" (to write
the gentile believers a letter) was voiced by whom?
The final decision of the Jerusalem "council" about what
gentile Christians must do is what?
a. abstain from sexual immorality (porneia)
b. abstain from the pollution of idols
c. abstain from meat with the blood in it
Which one of the Pauline letters was most likely written first?
1 Thessalonians
Which of Paul's letters does not contain a thanksgiving?
For Paul the "present evil age" is characterized by what?
a human slavery to cosmic powers
What is the main theological issue that Paul addresses in Galatians?
circumcision of gentile Christians
When Paul writes in Galatians that the gospel was
preached to Abraham beforehand, what specific element of the Abraham story is he referring to?
the covenant of circumcision given to Abraham
Where did Paul find his principle that faith makes one
In the Abraham story of Genesis
In Philippians 3, how does Paul describe his former
status as a Jew?
"as to righteousness under the law I was blameless"
In Galatians Paul argues that the Law (Torah) was what?
law of life
In rhetoric, what was the main purpose of the exordium?
put the audience in the right frame of mind to hear the main argument
Which of Paul's terms for salvation means that God and
humans are no longer enemies?
What value does Paul teach in 1 Corinthians about how
to use spiritual gifts?
According to Paul in 1 Corinthians, what is the
significance of belief in resurrection?
a. Christian faith is
vain without the resurrection
b. the hardship of Paul's life is foolish unless there is a resurrection
c. it is what he received and handed on to them
What is the context of Paul's famous chapter on
Christian love (agapé)?
1 Corinthians, correcting the
spiritual one's use of their gifts
Which genuine letter is written to a church not founded
by Paul?
The main theological issue or goal of Paul in Romans
all of the above
Why did Paul write his letter to the Christians in Rome?
To teach them that jesus would not return in their
life time
The people of God in Paul: In 1 Corinthians what image (metaphor) does he use to speak of unity and diversity of the Christian community
In Romans what image (metaphor) does Paul use to describe how gentiles "in Christ" are added to the people of God?
Olive Tree
What is the relationship between the heavenly world and the physical world in Hebrews?
the physical is evil, the heavenly is good
Where is Christ's sacrifice offered, according to Hebrews?
What is our name for the genre of the Book of Revelation?
What are the typical features of the genre of the Book of Revelation?
-visions of the heavenly world
-visions of the near future
- visions of bizarre beasts
Which of the following is not one of the themes of or repeated elements in the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation?
description of the antichrist
Which of the following is not one of the rewards in the Book of Revelation for those who endure persecution.
second baptism
The group of 144,000 in the Book of Revelation are described as
12,000 from each tribe of Israel
Who is Jesus for the Book of Revelation?
the slain lamb
the first and the last
the word
In the Book of Revelation, the dramatic changes in earth and sky (e.g., moon to blood) depict
The day of Yahweh
In the Book of Revelation what does "Babylon" symbolize?
Who would most likely understand the number 666?
those who knew gematria
Who would the number 666 most likely refer to?
In the Book of Revelation what does "Armageddon" signify?
site of the final battle
What ultimately happens to the devil in the Book of Revelation?
he is cast into the lake of fire
What is the reward for martyrdom in the Book of Revelation?
to reign with Christ for 1000 years
According to Ryken, the color of evil in the Book of Revelation