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the most distensible portion of the GI tract

oblique layer churn enzymes

the muscularis externa of the stomach has an extra layer termed the ____ ____ which enables the stomach to ___ food in order to expose it thouroughly to stomach _____

gastric pits

the structures which produce the stomach secretions


the stomach initiates the digestion of _____


the pasty material which food is transformed into in the stomach

cardiac sphincter

the entry point of food into the stomach

rugae surface area distension

the inside of the stomach has folds called ____ which provide ____ ____ for further digestion, as well as allowing ____ of the stomach.

gastric pits gastric glands

the mucosal layer of the stomach is folded to form ___ ___ and ___ ___.

goblet cells

gastric gland cells which secretes protective mucus

parietal cells

gastric gland cells which secrete hydrochloric acid

chief cells inactive protein pepsin

____ ____ secrete pepsinogen, which is the ____ form of the _____-digesting enzyme ____

G cells gastrin gastric acid

____ ____ secrete the hormone _____ which can stimulate the secretion of _____ ____

intrinsic factor vitamin b12 maturation RBCs

parietal cells secrete a polypeptide called ____ ____, needed for absorption of _____ ____ in the intestine, which is needed for ____ of ____.

mucin mucoprotein lining stomach

mucus cells in the stomach produce ____; an insoluble ________ to protect the ____ of the _____

parietal cells pepsinogen chief cells pepsin

The HCl from ____ _____ activates the _____ from _____ _____; thus producing _____

HCl pepsinogen

____ + _____ ------> pepsin

polypeptides smaller polypeptides hydrolysis

Pepsin breaks _____ into ______ _____, via the process of ______

proteins lipase lipids carbohydrates

_____ are only partially digested in the stomach. ______ (also secreted by the gastric glands) only partially digests _____. _____ are not digested at all.

water, alcohol, caffeine, drugs

only things absorbed by the stomach (wacd)

gastric juice

name given to all the stomach secretions put together

cephalic, gastric, intestinal

the 3 phases of gastric digestion

parasympathetic tastes smells sees thinks about hunger

the cephalic phase of gastric secretion is stimulated by ______ reflexes whener a person ____, _____, _____ or ____ _____ food. Also dependent on the person's level of ____.

gastric phase

the phase of gastric digestion which begins as the food enters the stomach

gastrin gastrin stimulates more gastric juice

in the gastric phase, the food entering the stomach triggers the release of _____ from the stomach wall and the ____ in turn ____ the production of _____ _____ _____.

intestinal phase

the phase of gastric digestion that begins as the food leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine

chyme intestinal intestinal gastrin gastric gland

in the phase of intestinal gastric digestion, ____ stimulates _____ cells to release a hormone (____ ____) that again enhances ____ ____ secretions

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