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A measure of the steepness of a line on a graph; rise over run


The coordinate of the point where the graph of a line crosses the x-axis


The y-coordinate of the point where the graph of a line crosses the y-axis

slope intercept form

A linear equation written in the form y = mx+b, where m represents slope and b represents the y-intercept

linear equation

An equation whose solutions form a straight line on a coordinate plane.

positive slope

When a line goes up and to the right

negative slope

When a line goes down and to the right

zero slope

The slope of a horizontal parallel to the x-axis; x=0

undefined slope

The slope of a vertical line parallel to the y-axis; y=0


An input-output relationship that has exactly one output for each input


The value substituted into an expression or function


The value that results from the substitution of a given input into an expression or function

Systems: parallel lines

The lines never interect and have no solution.

Systems: Same lines

The line is the same, it has the same slope and Y-intercept and has infinite solutions.

Systems: Intersecting lines

Two line that cross or intersect have a single point as a solution

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