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Anthro Exam 3

Which statement about the Chinese patrilineal family is false?
Women give their total allegiance to their husband's family.
Marrying outside a group is
In a matrilineal society, a boy's father figure is his:
mother's brother.
Neolocal residence means
living in a place of one's own.
Patrilineal descent groups
are the most common of the unilineal descent groups.
In matrilineal descent systems
property and political office pass from one man to another, but through a women.
legitimizes marriages and transfers rights over children to the father's family.
In Western societies, mate selection is largely a decision made
jointly by the prospective bride and groom.
Arranged marriages are found most often in what type of society?
societies in which there is elaborate social hierarchy
Which form of marriage compensation is a transfer of goods from the bride's family to the groom's family?
In all human societies, kinship is tied to the biological relationships created by human reproduction. However:
how different societies sort and categorize kinship relationships is as much a matter of culture as it is of biology.
EGO refers to the
person from whose point of view we are tracing the relationship
The post-marital residence pattern characterized by the couple living with or near the parents of the bride is called
Incest avoidance can have positive social advantages by forcing people to marry outside of their immediate family, thereby
creating relationships with people with whom they are likely to cooperate
Castes in India provide a good example of:
caste endogamy.
The term descent is used by anthropologists to refer to
the rules a culture uses to establish affiliations with one's parents.
The sororate is a marriage custom in which
a widower is expected to marry the sister or another close relative of his dead wife
The incest taboo
prohibits sexual relations with certain categories of kin.
Polyandry is
a woman having more than one husband at a time.
An "aunt" or "uncle" who has no biological or marital relationship is an example of:
fictive kin.
Nuclear families are found in societies
in which there is a great amount of geographic mobility.
A kinship diagram of a son, father, grandfather, and a great grandfather would include:
lineal relatives.
traditional Chinese families are good examples of:
patrilineal kinship
individuals, except for siblings, have a unique kindred in a:
bilateral descent system
unilineal descent groups
endure over time and clearly define who is a member and who is not
the rules that a culture uses to establish affiliation with one's parents is called:
zuni( new mexico)
Zuni men are divided by serving the economic interests of their wives and the ceremoninal needs of their sisters and mothers.
The nuclear family is based on _____ ties and the extended family is based on _____ ties.
marital; blood
Cross-culturally, most kinship systems:
provide links between successive generations and ties across a single generation.
New reproductive technologies challenge:
All of these choices
Margaret Mead's study of three New Guinea societies determined that
men's and women's gender roles are not defined in the same ways in all societies.
While human sexuality varies widely from culture to culture
all societies regulate sexual conduct.
The World Bank has found that financial credit given to women is good business because of all of the following except:
women do approximately one third of the work throughout the world.
The preference for male children
is much more common than the rare preference for female children.
Expected ways of behaving based on a society's definition of masculinity and femininity is called
gender roles.
Which of the following types of societies are most associated with gender egalitarianism?
hunting and gathering
Gender stratification is found
in all types of societies.
Where are there very pronounced rates of female infanticide?
In the US, the terms _______ and _______ often come to mind when questioning women's roles.
Female infanticide
is a way to show gender ideology towards male gender bias.
The text defines gender as
the way members of the two sexes are perceived, evaluated, and expected to behave.
Which statement about the "feminization of poverty" is false?
It has little relationship to gender segregation in the American workforce
Occupational segregation
has a long historical presence in the US
Anthropologist Richard Lee attributes the low incidence of HIV/AIDS among the Ju/'hoansi to:
the traditional high status of Ju/'hoansi women.
Which statement about violence against women in the U.S. is false?
Most rapes are committed by strangers.
Which of the following tasks is not generally shared between males and females across cultures?
preparing food.
Which country has the highest Gender Empowerment Measure (greatest equality between men and women)?
What is the traditional meaning of a "double workload"?
a situation in which married women work both in outside employment and also within the home
According to Ernestine Friedl, women are subordinate to men because men
control the allocation of scarce resources.
Most violence to women in the United States occurs?
in her home.
Gender ideology in most societies is used to justify
male dominance.
As a general rule, most societies divide labor by gender so that
men engage in warfare, hunt large animals, and clear land.
Band societies are usually
highly egalitarian. - Correct!
Tribal societies are usually associated with all of the following except:
the least amount of political organization.
Which statement about pan-tribal mechanisms is true?
They serve to integrate local tribal segments
In societies where dead ancestors are considered fully functioning members of the descent group, an especially effective means of social control may be
ancestor worship.
refers to the violation of social norms
What is a "headless" society?
a society that has no political leader
Among the Inuit of Canada, which of the following is practiced to settle disputes?
song duels
Moots are
informal announcements of disputes involving kinsmen and friends of the litigants.
When someone must plunge his or her hand into boiling water to divine whether he or she is innocent or guilty, it is called a(n)
In complex societies, what is the primary emphasis of legal systems?
Since all societies must maintain social order; they all have
mechanisms of social control.
The term used to define what a society considers an expected way of behavior is called
social norms.
Social control in small-scale (acephalous) societies is maintained by all of the following except:
The redistributive mode of distribution is predominantly found in
A pan-tribal mechanism is an organization:
cutting across and integrating local segments of the tribe into a larger whole.
A nation refers to a group of people who frequently share all of the following except
Which statement about chiefdoms is not true?
Chiefdoms are rarely hereditary.
Bands and tribes are politically associated with each of the following except:
a high level of political integration.