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  1. Bicameral
  2. whips
  3. ideological party
  4. Thirty
  5. electoral college
  1. a A winner take all system for electing the president
  2. b A third party that advocates large changes in society.
  3. c In congress the majority and minority leaders are assisted by
  4. d Age requirement of the Senate
  5. e Congress is a two-house legislature, also known as a ______ legislature.

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  1. Amendment that lowered the voting age to 18
  2. This act restricts how long the president can use the military.
  3. This power allows congress to set a minimum wage.
  4. The act of declaring laws unconsitutional.
  5. Age requirement for the House of representatives

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  1. Bill of RightsFirst ten amdenments


  2. open primaryThis department helps protect public lands


  3. 19thAmendment that conferred suffrage to women


  4. James MadisonFather of the Constitution.


  5. Vice presidentCommander of the national armed forces is the