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  1. Northwest Ordinance
  2. Cloture
  3. State
  4. Congressional override
  5. judicial review
  1. a A plan for the land west of the original colonies, a success of the Articles of Confederation
  2. b a filibuster can be stopped when 3/5's of the Senate vote for
  3. c The act of declaring laws unconsitutional.
  4. d Executive department responsible for foreign policy.
  5. e Congresses power over a presidential veto

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  1. Congressmen obtaining money for projects in their own districts
  2. The process by which each branch of the government prevents the other branches of government from abusing their power.
  3. The number of years a president can normally serve in office
  4. Proposed laws to authorize spending money.
  5. The president rejects a bill from congress.

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  1. Federal job information centerWhere you go to find a civil service job.


  2. constitutionPeople in a representative's district.


  3. judicial restraintMaking decisions based on a strict reading of the Constitution.


  4. James MadisonFather of the Constitution.


  5. preambleAn introduction that states the goals for a document.