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  1. Expressed
  2. theocracy
  3. Perjury
  4. state of the union
  5. Pendleton act
  1. a Not telling the truth while under oath.
  2. b A government that is ruled by religion.
  3. c This address is given by the president to congress
  4. d Powers listed in the Constitution.
  5. e This created the civil service system.

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  1. The president is the head of the _______________ branch.
  2. A winner take all system for electing the president
  3. A plan for the land west of the original colonies, a success of the Articles of Confederation
  4. Next in line for the presidency after the vice president
  5. Right of a president to refuse to testify before a court.

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  1. Appointing justicesProposed laws to authorize spending money.


  2. enumerated powersThe expressed powers found in Article I, Sec 8 of the Constitution.


  3. government corporationsSomeone who reads between the lines when interpreting the Constitution.


  4. FederalCongress is a two-house legislature, also known as a ______ legislature.


  5. caucusIn congress the majority and minority leaders are assisted by


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