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  1. Unitary
  2. Constituents
  3. Cloture
  4. president
  5. Hatch Act
  1. a A government where all of the power is located in one place.
  2. b a filibuster can be stopped when 3/5's of the Senate vote for
  3. c This item prevents a political party from using federal workers in election campaigns
  4. d People in a representative's district.
  5. e Commander of the national armed forces is the

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  1. Head of Executive Branch
  2. The process by which each branch of the government prevents the other branches of government from abusing their power.
  3. We vote for these people who then vote for president
  4. A third party that is created out of an existing party.
  5. Rules that have the force of law are called _____________

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  1. cabinetThe number of years a president can normally serve in office


  2. FederalCongress is a two-house legislature, also known as a ______ legislature.


  3. constitutionA plan for government.


  4. Pork Barrel SpendingCongressmen obtaining money for projects in their own districts


  5. Supreme courtThe highest court of the land.