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  1. Subpoena
  2. president
  3. autocracy
  4. Loose constructionist
  5. Federal
  1. a A legal order to appear in court.
  2. b A government that is ruled by one person.
  3. c Commander of the national armed forces is the
  4. d Government is split between different levels, usually national and state.
  5. e Someone who reads between the lines when interpreting the Constitution.

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  1. This is an important Supreme Court case about executive privilege.
  2. When agencies, congressional committees, and client groups work together it is called...
  3. The process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment
  4. The number of years a president can normally serve in office
  5. A reading and writing test used to determine if you could vote. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.

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  1. cabinetThis group is chosen by the president for their experience in selected areas


  2. defenseGovernment is split between different levels, usually national and state.


  3. Bill of RightsFirst ten amdenments


  4. open primaryA primary where anyone can vote.


  5. Due processPowers listed in the Constitution.


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