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  1. Amnesty
  2. James Madison
  3. PAC
  4. Articles of Confederation
  5. cabinet
  1. a Father of the Constitution.
  2. b A group of people who advise the president and head the executive departments.
  3. c Early form of Government for the United States.
  4. d A special interest group.
  5. e A group pardon for an offense against the government.

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  1. A state may not take a person's life, liberty, or property without...
  2. A third party that concentrates on one issue.
  3. A government that is ruled by a small group of people.
  4. to release an individual from legal punishment is called
  5. The writer of the Declaration of Independence.

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  1. Northwest OrdinanceWhen agencies, congressional committees, and client groups work together it is called...


  2. democracyA government that is ruled by religion.


  3. interiorThis department helps protect public lands


  4. electorsWe vote for these people who then vote for president


  5. ThirtyAge requirement of the Senate