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CIS320 Exam 2 Review

What technology arrived in Windows 95 that made hardware installation easier?
Plug and Play (PnP)
In Windows XP, where do you find the location, size, IRQs, and I/O addresses for a driver?
Device Manager
Drivers signal the CPU to request service using an ___________?
Interrupt or IRQ
To be certain a driver's code has not been tampered with or contains a virus, the file should have a _____________?
Valid Digital Signature
In UNIX, most drivers are loaded into the ________
. Kernel
Name 3 kind of device special files in UNIX, and what they are used for?
Blocked - for block access such as drives
Character - for byte by byte streams such as a modem
Named pipes - for internal communications
Does 1394 / Firewire achieve significant faster throughput than USB? Why?
Yes, Firewire offloads transfer protocol management from the CPU, making the entire system more efficient
Does a standard mouse use a driver?
What is OCR?
Optical Character Recognition
What is a pixel?
A pixel is a picture element consisting of a small dot of light.
RAID stands for?
Redundant Array of Independent(Inexpensive) Disks
The 2 main concepts employed by RAID technologies are?
Striping and Parity
The benefits that can be achieved by RAID are?
Larger Volume Sizes , Greater Speed, Higher Reliability
A RAID 1 is also known as a __________
RAID 0 provides which benefits of RAID?
Large volume sizes & higher speed
Every network interface card has a unique address known as the ?
MAC address
List three types of cabling used in networks
Twisted pair -Very common, flexible, easy to use
Coaxial - More expensive than twisted pair, difficult to use
Fiber-optic - Very high capacity, expensive, harder to wire
A single long wire segment, terminated at each end and having computers connected along the way is this topology?
BUS topology
This topology is not in favor as it can be difficult to change network design or repair network issues
This network topology is the most common topology for Ethernet networks?
Star topology
This topology is flexible in design, with hubs or switches acting as the center of the star
The Token Ring protocol is a version of Ethernet for token ring network topologies (True / False)
A router copies all packets from one network segment to another, whereas a repeater only selectively copies packets (True / False)
A hub copies packets to all ports, whereas a switch selectively chooses which ports to copy packets to (True / False)
In the Internet Protocol Suite, this protocol ensures all packets arrive and no data corruption has occurred
IP only delivers packets across the network but does not concern itself with correct delivery
Older versions of Novell Netware used this transport protocol?
Can a service be running and be in the startup state of "disabled"?
Yes, once disabled, if not stopped, it will continue to run till next boot
Can a domain administrator perform administrative functions on a member computer?
Yes. When a computer joins the domain, a Domain Administrator gets admin privileges
Can a local administrator account on a domain member computer perform administrative functions on the domain controller?
No, this user can only administer the local computer
You want to share a folder out to another user. What are the two types of permissions you need to manage?
Share permissions and file/folder (security) permissions.
Personal Computers typically use this family of storage interfaces
ATA (SATA is the newest and fastest member of this family)
A book without an index or table of contents would be this type of storage
Sequential access storage
What would be a good choice to build a low cost file system over a very long distance?
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
From the perspective of a server, a SAN appears the same as
Direct Attached Storage
These two interfaces are the parallel versions of SATA and SAS
How does RAID 4 differ from RAID 5?
RAID 5 distributes parity across all disks, while RAID 4 maintains parity on a single disk
What is the minimum number of disks necessary to create a RAID 5?
3 disks
How many drive failures can a RAID 0 tolerate and still keep functioning?
What is the advantage and disadvantage of using software based RAID?
Advantage: lower cost ( no hardware RAID controller to purchase)
Disadvantage: Slower performance, relies on CPU
What is the probability that a second drive failure causes total failure in a RAID 5 with 11 disks?
(Raid 5 can only lose one drive)
In windows, this service allows us to manage access to multiple servers
Active Directory
A Windows domain structure which consists of one or more domains in a hierarchy is known as a
The use of organizational units (Ous) is replacing the need for
Tree Structures
This user authentication system issues a "service ticket" when successfully authenticated
The default file sharing protocol for UNIX system is?
To function, every device requires a?
Device Driver
This security mechanism ensures a driver has been tested and the code has not been tampered with
Driver Signing
What feature of current Windows operating systems allows drivers for many common devices to be automatically installed?
Plug and Play
A serial Port sends data how many bits at a time?
1 Bit at a time
What high speed interface was commonly provided on MacIntosh computers and is widely used in video technologies?
Firewire (1394)
Which of the following statements is NOT true of cloud storage?
you connect to cloud storage using a local SAN
You have a server with four SCSI disks. You have just installed a fifth SCSI disk into the server. After a reboot of the system, your disk controller only recognizes three of the five disks. What is a likely cause of the problem?
the new disk's address conflicts with one of the other disk's address
Which of the following is NOT a Linux/Unix file or disk management command?
You are building a network that will have three servers. You want the servers to have access to storage that is separate from the servers themselves but you don't want the traffic involved with accessing the storage to affect your corporate LAN. What technology should you use?
SAN with Fibre Channel
You have a Windows 7 desktop computer that has a C: drive and a D: drive that are separate disks. You use the D: drive for storing data and applications. You are finding that you are almost out of disk space on the D: drive. What is a good solution to your disk space problem?
convert the D: drive to dynamic, add a new drive and extend the D: volume onto the new drive
A friend of yours has a Mac OS X Snow Leopard computer and he has just read something about hard drives sometimes failing. He is not very familiar with his computer's built-in software and wants to know how he can back up his data. What should you tell him?
use the Time Machine Utility found on the Dock
Which of the following media types has the most storage capacity?
fixed hard disk
If you want to attach six hard drives to your computer using a single disk controller interface, which interface type should you choose?
A Terabyte is the same as which of the following values?
1,000,000 MB
(True/False) CD-R is just a shorthand way to write CD-ROM, but they mean the same thing.
Which of the following is true about using GPT versus MBR?
GPT supports larger disks than MBR
You are building a new computer and you have just installed Windows Server 2008. You have two hard disks that you want to configure for fault tolerance using a Windows RAID configuration. How should you set up your hard disk?
configure the disks as dynamic disks and create the RAID
You are planning to buy a new laptop computer. One of your primary concerns with this laptop is that it is reliable, can take a little physical abuse, and has pretty long battery life. The data you will store on it is only a couple dozen GB. Which storage technology should you use?
(True/False) An advantage of using tape drives for backup is that the data is accessible in random access order, making all data on the tape equally fast to retrieve
Your server has been running with two hard disks for the last few months. You needed additional storage so you have just installed a third disk on your SCSI interface; however, when you reboot the computer, the SCSI drives are not recognized by the system. What is a possible cause?
you neglected to re-install the terminator after the last disk
Which of the following is used for removable storage?
You have a mission-critical server that you must back up on a daily basis. You start the backup when you leave at night and the backup must be finished the next morning with no user intervention. Your server has a storage capacity of almost 2 TB. Which tape media will hold all of your server's storage on a single tape?
(True/False) Another name for the IDE hard drive interface is ATA.
(True/False) With SAN technology, servers use a separate network to communicate with the storage device
The hotel phone system requires that you dial a 9 before the phone number. You have found that it takes a second or two to get a dial-tone after you dial the 9. What command should be used on the modem to dial the number: 928-555-1932?
atdt 9,9285551932
In Unix/Linux, you refer to the first modem on the computer using which of the following?
You are weighing the benefits of the major communications technologies. Your main concern is having a high bandwidth connection to the Internet. Which of the following technologies provides the highest bandwidth connections?
Cable modem
You are configuring an analog modem for a point-of-sale device and are deciding which modulation protocol to choose. Which of the following is NOT one of your choices.
What protocol does a dial-up networking connection use to access the ISP for Internet communications?
Which of the following is NOT a component in a typical satellite Internet connection?
twisted-pair cable from dish to modem
(True/False) A digital modem does not modulate/demodulate signals.
(True/False) Analog modems are used in preference to digital technologies, even where digital technologies are widely available.
Which of the following is true about using software-based modems?
they use more memory and CPU cycles than hardware-based modems
(True/False) Mac OS X uses the Network Connection tool for configuring modems and other network connections.
When accessing the Internet through a wi-fi connection, which of the following is NOT a suggested security measure you should follow?
disallow all incoming packets
Which of the following is NOT a component of an analog modem?
(True/False) The Network and Sharing Center is used in Windows Vista and Windows 7 OSs to set up a dial-up connection
Which of the following standards is used my modems for error checking?
When connecting to an analog modem using Windows XP, which of the following is a possible port name through which you communicate to the modem?
You are analyzing a serial communication session. You are able to view each character as it is transmitted and received. You suspect a problem with the software flow control. Which of the following characters is involved in software flow control?
You have a server on your network that your users frequently access. You don't want the server's address to change. What type of addressing method should you use?
(True/false) The transmission control method used by Ethernet is called collision sense multiple access with carrier detection (CSMA/CD)
You have two groups of about 75 computers each on LANs that are located on different floors of a building. Which media type will work best for the connection between these two LAns in this scenario?
You have been told by a colleague that the type of network in use at a new client site uses fixed-length payloads and has information in the header that allows the data unit to be routed according to the type of data carried within the unit. What type of data unit is in use?
Which of the following is NOT a typical function of a client operating system?
authenticates clients to access the network
You are designing a new network that will use TCP/IP. You are trying to decide which class of IP address you should use. There will be several thousand nodes on the network and you want to use an address class suitable for medium-sized networks. What address class should you use?
class B
You are trying to decide which media you should use to connect the computers in a small business network that will have 15 computers. You want media that works well with LANs, is reasonably priced and is fairly flexible to aid installation. After reading about the various media available, what should you use?
Which of the following is a task typically performed by TCP?
closes communication session
Which of the following accurately describes a function of a LAN?
uses switches to connect computers
(True/False) TCP establishes communication sessions among applications on two communicating computers.
You are called in to a business that just expanded its network onto another floor of the building. There are 30 stations on each floor. You have been told that the two groups of computers must be able to communicate but for security reasons, there must be a way to filter communication between the two networks. What device do you recommend?
(True/False) LANs often connect WANs over a long distance such as between cities, states, or countries
Which of the following is true of Ethernet?
Fast Ethernet is 100 Mbps
(True/False) A large file is broken into hundreds of small data units called packets and each data unit is transmitted across the network.
You manage a multi-domain network, DomainA, DomainB, and DomainC. You have users from each domain that must have permission to a shared folder in DomainB. Which of the following represents the correct method of assigning these users permissions?
Create a Universal group. Add the users from the domains to the Universal group and add the Universal group to the share permissions list
A user is complaining that he cannot open a file in a shared folder. He is able to open other files in the same shared folder. Which of the following could be the problem?
he has Read sharing permission but has a Deny permission on the file
(True/False) It is preferable to assign permissions to individual users rather than groups because the amount of work for the administrator is reduced.
Which permission to a folder should you give a user if that user should be able to create files but not read or execute files in that folder?
(True/False) NFS is used by UNIX/Linux systems to mount a shared partition as a drive letter.
(True/False) In Linux, a network drive that is attached to the file system is called a mapped drive.
Which of the following is NOT included in the Linux password (/etc/passwd) file?
user permissions
Which of the following is the correct syntax for specifying a shared folder on a server in Windows?
You are explaining to a colleague how to make a shared resource available on a Linux file system. Which of the following terms best describes what you should tell him?
mount a volume
You have shared a folder on a Windows server that is a part of a domain. You need to assign permissions to users so they can access the shared folder. Which type of group will you use to make the permissions assignment?
Domain local
Which account feature can be configured to prevent a user from logging in after incorrectly entering the password a number of times?
Account lockout
Which of the following is a valid permission in the Linux file system?
You have just successfully created a user named acoulter on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. You left the password blank so the user can easily log on and create her own password. The user calls you and informs you she cannot logon. She has tried several times and has used a blank password but still cannot logon. What is likely to be the problem?
the account is disabled
(True/False) Windows computers can make a shared drive look like a local drive by mapping.
(True/False) Global groups are used to hold user accounts while domain local groups are used to hold Global groups and provide access to resources
Which of the following permissions should you set on a shared printer in Windows to allow a junior administrator to configure the properties of the printer?
Manage Printers
Only consists of striping. Single drive failure means entire RAID is lost.
Original RAID specification for 2 disks in a mirror. Can recover from loss of single drive
Block-level striping with dedicated parity. Not often used, replaced with RAID 5. Can recover from loss of single drive.
Disk striping with parity. RAID-5 uses three or more disks and provides fault tolerance. Can recover from loss of a single drive
Extends RAID 5 by computing 2 sets of Parity information.
Dual parity tolerates loss of 2 Disks.
Performance is less than RAID 5.
Not frequently used.
RAID 0+1
Known as nested RAID. Two sets of striped disks, then mirrored. System can lose multiple disks, as long as both disks in a mirrored pair are not lost.
RAID 5+0 (50)
A set of RAID 5 stripes, then brought together into a larger stripe. System can lose multiple disks, as long as only one disk in an individual RAID 5 stripe is not lost.
RAID 1+0 (10)
A set of mirrored disks, then brought together into a stripe. System can lose multiple disks, as long as both disks in a mirrored pair are not lost.
Organizational Units
When are Computer Configuration Policies established?
when the computer is started up
When are User Configuration Policies Established ?
when a user logs on
What happens when enforces is specified?
subsidiary OUs cannot override the container's settings