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A person may do as he or she chooses in this country

as long as that person does not infringe on the rights of others.

Government has encouraged religion in the United States in all of the following ways EXCEPT

by allowing the establishment of a national religion

The Supreme Court has held that the key factor in determining whether or not released time programs are constitutional is

where those programs are held

expression by conduct such as carrying a sign or wearing an armband

symbolic speech

In deciding cases involving laws against sedition, the Supreme Court has

developed the "clear and present danger" rule

Which of the following statements about prior restraint is TRUE?

The Supreme Court has only rarely upheld prior restraints.

The government can limit free speech or free press if the communication

threatens to overthrow the government.

Which of the following statements about commercial speech is TRUE?

Commercial speech is protected by the 1st and 14th amendments.

Reporters use which of the following to argue against being forced to testify in court or to reveal their sources?

the 1st Amendment guarantee of the free exchange of ideas

What does seditious speech target?

talk of overthrowing the government

Under the Establishment Clause, the government still has the power to do all of the following EXCEPT

establish an acceptable voluntary prayer for use in public schools.

crime of attempting to overthrow the government by force


Which of the following statements about prior restraint is TRUE?

The Supreme Court has only rarely upheld prior restraints.

"It is one thing to say that the police cannot be used as an instrument for the suppression of unpopular views, and another to say that, when as here the speaker passes the bounds of argument and undertakes incitement to riot, they are powerless to prevent a breach of peace."
—Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson, 1951

Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson's writings in Feiner v. New York conclude that freedom of speech must be protected at all costs, including a breach of the peace


The 1937 Supreme Court ruling in DeJonge v. Oregon established two legal principles involving which two amendments?

First and Fourteenth

Without this basic freedom, there would be no political parties.

freedom of assembly

Holocaust survivors in Skokie illustrated a free speech and assembly problem called the

heckler's veto.

Unless there is a labor dispute, the Court has upheld laws that prohibit


The Nazi demonstration in Skokie, Illinois was particularly explosive because many residents were survivors of this.

the Holocaust

The unusually large sum of money that the city of Skokie, Illinois demanded that the Nazi's post:

was struck down by the court

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