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Who did Scout punch after forgetting about Atticus's orders and why?

Cecil Jacobs- he said Atticus defended n*****

What does Atticus say when Scout asks him if he defends n******?

of course... don't say that word, its common.

Who was Atticus defending as a lawyer? Why?

Tom Robinson; it was the right thing to do, he had to give everyone a fair chance and he was from Cal's church

Cousin Ike Finch

Macomb County's sole surviving Confederate veteran, had a beard

Did Atticus think they were going to win the case?


Why could Scout take being called a coward from Cecil Jacobs?

Atticus rarely asked Jem and Scout to do something for him so she wanted to do what Atticus said- keep ur head high and fists down

Scout didn't fight until....

3 weeks later, Christmas.. Francis

What was good about Christmas? Bad?

tree and Uncle Jack; bad- Aunt Alexandra and Francis

Aunt Alexandra's husband..Why did Scout not mention him?

Uncle Jimmy; rarely spoke to her

Who is Alexandra's son? Who is their son?


Where did Scout go every Christmas?

Finch Landing

How much older was Francis than Scout?

one year (8)

Uncle Jack was a _____ (job) but he was ok because??

doctor; he told exactly what he was going to do

What pet does Jack have and what is the name?

cat- Rose Aylmer

What did Uncle Jack say about cuss words?

he didn't like them unless extreme provocation- they will cause trouble

What did Scout and Jem get for Christmas from Atticus?

air rifles

What did Francis get for Christmas?

knee-pants, red leather booksack, 5 shirts, and bow tie

Where did Francis live?


What did Alexandra complain about Scout?

her attire-dressing in overalls and pants-not lady like

Where did Scout sit at dinner? Francis and Jem?

The little table; with adults at dining table

Who was a good cook?

Aunt Alexandra

What does Francis say about Dill?

he doesn't have a home- he gets passed from relative to relative

What does Francis say to offend Scout?

he lets Scout run around wild and with stray dogs, Atticus is a n***** lover and he mortifies and ruins the rest of the family

Where was Francis hiding from Scout?


What did Scout do to Francis?

punched him in the teeth

Why does Scout say Uncle Jack doesn't understand children?

he never let her give him her side of the story

What does Scout make Jack promise?

to not tell Atticus she hit Francis because of him calling Atticus a bad word

Who is Tom Robinson's case acquainted with?


How old was Atticus?

almost 50- much older than parents of Scout's schoolmates

What did Jem and Scout think about Atticus and his age?

he couldn't do anything- like play football, hunt, poker, etc. he was a lawyer-boring

Why did Atticus wear glasses?

he was nearly blind in his left eye

Who taught Jem and Scout to shoot?

Uncle Jack

What does Atticus say about shooting birds? Who explains this to Scout and how does the person explain it?

"shoot all the bluejays you want... but remember its a sin to kill a mockingbird"
Miss Maudie
Mockingbirds are innocent- don't do anything wrong- they actually make sweet music for us.

What does Miss Maudie say that Atticus can do?

best checker player and can play a Jew's harp; make somebody's will so airtight can't anybody meddle with it. About to tell about his hunting- Ol' One Shot

What is Scout aiming at?

Miss Maudie's rear end

What is Jem's favorite sport?


What do Jem and Scout see when they are looking for something to shoot down the road?

a mad dog- Tim Johnson

Who is the owner of Tim Johnson?

Mr. Harry Johnson

What month was it when there was the mad dog?


Who is the sheriff of Maycomb County who came about the man dog sit.?

Mr. Heck Tate

When do mad dogs usually come about?

August (summer)

Why does Mr. Heck Tate give the gun to Atticus?

it was a one shot job- if u miss it would go into the Radley place and Atticus was an expert shooter, Ol' One Shot

How long has it been since Atticus has shot a gun?

30 years

Who was going to pick up the dead dog?


Whose house did Scout have to pass to get to the business section of Maycomb?

Miss Dubose

Who was Mrs. Dubose's "servant"?


After Jem's 12th birthday, he got money. What did he buy with it?

miniature steam engine and a twirling baton for Scout

What were Mrs. Dubose's fits? What would happened every time she had one?

head moved from side to side, open her mouth, saliva collects on lips, spits, make sounds
Alarm clock would go off- kids could go home

What did Atticus give Jem, from Mrs. Dubose?

a candy box and in it was perfect white camellia- telling him everything's alright

Why did Mrs. Dubose die?

she was a morphine addict- took it as a painkiller for years and spent the rest of her life on it; but before she died she wanted to break herself of the morphine.(her fits)

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