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_glycolysis_ provides the pyruvic acid molecules used in fermentation


fermentation allows glycolysis to continue by providing the _nadph_ needed to accept high-energy electrons


fermentation is an _aerobic_ process


fermentation occurs in the _mitochondria_ of cells


_alcoholic_ fermentation givs off carbon dioxide and is used in making bread


most organisms perform fermentation using a chemical reaction that converts pyruvic avid to _lactic acid_


what causes humans to become lactic acid fermenters

brief periods without oxygen

what are three main sources of ATP available for human muscle cells

ATP already in muscles
ATP made by lactic acid fermentation
ATP produced by cellular respiration

during a race how do your muscle cells produce ATP after the store of ATP in muscles is used

lactic acid fermentation

why does a sprinter have an oxygen debt to repay after the race is over

lactic acid fermentation produces lactic acid to get rid of lactic acid buildup.

a runner needs more energy for a longer race. how does the body generate the necessary ATP

first they use it in muscles, then cellular respiration, then lactic acid fermentation

why are aerobic forms of exercise so beneficial for weight control

body stores energy in the form of glycogen, providing enough energy for 15-20 minutes of activity

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