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Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt


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What did the t-shirt say that Albert wore everyday?
Flint p. 2
What is the first assignment Mrs. Hall asks the class to do?
one page describing themselves p. 2
What does Ally compare teachers to ?
machines that take quarters for bouncy balls, you don't know what you're going to get p. 2
How many schools had Ally been to in 7 years?
7 p. 2
What did Aly say always gave her headaches?
looking at the brightness of dark letters on white pages for too long p. 3
After Mrs. Hall threatens to send Ally to the office for not doing the writing assignment, what does she write on her paper?
the word why from the top of the paper to the bottom . 5
Why did Ally get in trouble for the card she gave to Mrs. Hall for her baby shower?
it was really a sympathy card p. 7,9
What did Jessica give Mrs. Hall for her baby shower?
a big bunch of flowers from her father's florist shop p. 6
Why did Ally not know she had chosen a sympathy card for Mrs. Hall's baby shower?
she couldn't read it, she just saw the beautiful yellow flowers on it p 10
What does Ally call the scketchbook that she draws in to help make her feel good?
her Sketchbook of Impossible Things p. 11
What did Mrs. Silvers ask Ally to read out loud in the office that she could not read?
a poster showing two hands reaching for each other p. 13
What did Ally dress as for Halloween?
Alice in Wonderland p. 7
Where does Ally's mom work?
A. C. Peterson Farms p. 16
What was Ally's favorite book that her Grandpa shared with her?
Alice in Wonderland p. 19
Who came in to the restaurant that Ally's mom encouraged her to go sit with and try to make friends with?
Shay and Jessica p. 20
What did Ally tell Jessica when she asked if her mom had always been a waitress?
that she used to be an astronaut p. 21
When Ally had tried to read aloud the year before, what had she read that made everyone laugh at her?
that macaroni can swim up to twenty miles an hour instead of a manatee p. 22
Who was Travis?
Ally's big brother p. 24
Before he was deployed, what did Dad always ask Ally and Travis about their day?
if they we're having a silver dollar day or a wooden nickel one p. 24
What does Travis say will be on a big neon sign when he has his own business one day?
Nickerson Restoration p. 26
What does Travis tell the man at the pawn shop he is looking for?
liberty coins p. 30
What did Travis say the rare penny really was the man offered to sell him for $75?
a penny dipped in nitric acid p. 32
What did Travis buy from the man in the pawn shop?
a 1933 Walking Liberty half dollar and a Mercury dime thrown in for Ally p. 33
Why did Travis get the particular coins he chose from the pawn shop?
they were both minted in 1933, the year Grandpa was born p. 35
What sentence did the new teacher, Mr. Daniels, use to teach the class the planets in order from the sun?
My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos p. 36
What did Keisha say she was going to call her own baking business?
Hidden Messages - the batter way to send a note p. 47
What did Ally bring to show the class?
a 1943 steel penny p. 51
After telling about book talks, what did Mr. Daniels give to each student?
a brand new writing journal p. 53
What was the first thing Ally put in her journal from Mr. Daniels?
a big three dimensional cube with dark black sides p. 55
What was Albert's reason for cutting the back out of his sneakers when they were too little instead of getting new ones?
he chose to get a chemistry set instead of shoes he would outgrow in 3 months p. 61
What does Max call Mrs. Muldoon, the music teacher?
Minefield Muldoon p. 70
What did Ally do that caused Mrs. Muldoon to take her flowers away after already taking Keisha's?
she broke the stems loose and gave Keisha half of hers p. 74
Who does Ally end up in a group with for the "box activity"?
Max, Suki, Oliver and Jessica p. 76
After Ally figures out the trick of the 4th box, what does Mr. Daniels do that Ally has never had done by a teacher her whole life?
he high fives her p. 81
What was Oliver frantically searching for in his desk from the Halloween party?
a cookie p. 85
When Ally puts her arm in sling to keep from writing, what does she say happened to her arm?
she tripped over the cat Pork Chop and fell p. 89
When Jessica sees Ally, Albert and Keisha sitting together at lunch, what does she call them?
the Island of Misfit Toys p. 93
When Keisha inquires about Albert's shirt, what does he say is the meaning of "Flint"?
in immortal genius from Star Trek p. 99
Where did Albert say the bruises he always has come from?
a group of boys who run into him after school p. 102,103
What did Albert say the immigrants who came to American from Ellis Island did with ice cream?
they thought it was butter and put it on toast p. 103
Why did Ally say Shay held a grudge against her?
she dug her fingers in Shay's chocolate cake at lunch one day when she thought Shay had eaten her crackers
p. 106,107
When Travis tells Ally one day he has a surprise and it is a bright green car, what does Ally call it?
a pickle with tires p. 109
After Ally defends Travis to Shay, what does she tell Mr. Daniels the difference between an "older brother" and a "big brother" is?
an older brother is older; a big brother looks out for you and smiles when you enter a room p. 113
What does Ally do wrong at Shay's birthday party at the Butterfly Gardens?
when a butterfly landed on her hand, she loosely closed her fist around it p. 116,117
When Shay was flaunting her new purple sweater the color purple being royalty, what does Albert tell her about the color purple?
that it is snail snot p. 121
What two words does Mr. Daniels ask for volunteers to explain the difference between?
ALONE and LONELY p. 123
When a class assignment is given to write about a fictional character hero, who does Ally choose?
Roy G. Biv for the colors of the spectrum p. 128
What color did Ally tell the class was the result of a mixture of all the colors on a color wheel?
white p. 130
What did Ally find out about all the friendship bracelets people had from Shay?
Shay sold them to them for $3 each p. 131
When Ally wins the poetry award for her poem "Rain, Rain" why does she get upset and run from the room?
She figures out instead of a poetry award, it was a pity award p. 136
What word does Ally spell inside the cupcake she is making at Keisha's house?
cow p. 143
What deal does Mr. Daniels offer Ally in exchange for no homework?
staying after school and learning to play chess p. 148
Where did Ally's class go on a field trip?
the Noah Webster House p. 150
At the Noah Webster house, what did Shay draw on her slate?
a head wearing a dunce hat with "Ally" written underneath p. 154
After the slate incident, what does Mr. Daniels tell Ally she has that makes school so hard for her?
Dyslexia p. 157
When teaching Ally the game of Chess, what does he tell her you do with the king instead of capturing it?
you just make it miserable p. 160
How did Mr. Daniels have Ally practice writing instead of with paper and pencil?
in shaving cream on a large metal sheet p 167
What word did Mr. Daniels write down for Ally and have her tear it into two parts?
i m p o s s i b l e p. 176
What does Albert tell Ally and Keisha about their refrigerator after his mom offered them food?
it is empty and hasn't been plugged in for a week p. 179
What did Ally remember Grandpa saying about eggs and words?
to be careful with them because neither could be fixed
p. 184
When Mr. Daniels had a sub what did he do that made her not trust him?
left the sub a note saying Ally didn't have to write, she could just draw a picture p. 186
Who nominates Ally for class president?
Shay p. 199
What is on the poster Albert makes for Ally the day of the election?
Ally is your ally. Give her your vote! p. 202
For the election voting, what does Mr. Daniels do different than other teachers?
has the students write their vote on a piece of paper p. 207
After Mr. Daniels finishes counting the votes for president, what does he say to Ally?
Congratulations, Madam President Nickerson p. 208
On the morning after the election, what does Ally find in her desk?
a love letter signed with Max's name but he knew nothing about p. 212-216
Why does Oliver break out screaming at Shay?
he screamed ant murderer because she stepped on an ant p. 221
What do Albert, Ally and Keisha have on their shirts because together they will set the world on fire?
flint, steel and magnesium p. 224
What book did Ally do her book report project on?
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing p. 225
What did Albert say he used to call Ally before he really knew her?
the Flying Tiger p. 232
Why did Albert call himself an elephant / pachyderm?
pachyderm means an animal with thick skin and he had become a pachyderm p. 235
How did Ally say she knew about the inventors Mr. Daniels was displaying?
she had a Schoolhouse Rock DVD cartoon about inventors p. 237
Who was Albert named after?
Albert Einstein p. 238
What famous scientist did Mr. Daniels tell the class had been kicked out of school when he was young, too slow to amount to anything?
Albert Einstein p. 239
What did Mr. Daniels tell the class it was believed all the famous people he displayed had in common?
dyslexia p. 240
What did Mr. Daniels put on Ally's desk as a gift for her?
a paperweight with the saying: "Never, never, never quit. Winston Churchill" p. 242
After Mr. Daniel's talk on dyslexia, who apologized to Ally and told her it was cool?
Jessica p. 248
Where did the wooden "A" come from that showed up on Ally's desk?
Suky carved it from one of her grandfather's blocks, for "Ally" p. 249
What happened that finally made Albert fight the 3 boys who always beat up on him?
they pushed Keisha down twice, he stood up and fought to protect Keisha and Ally p. 255,256
What trick did Ally figure out to try to figure out a word?
look at the first 2 letters and the last 2 letters and the rest of the sentence p. 257
What did Ally find out the poser in the office, with the two hands on it says?
"Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help."
- C. Connors p. 261
What does Mr. Daniels offer to do help Travis?
invites him to join them after school to help him learn to read too p. 266
What does Ally do as a relief to escape unpleasant real life situations?
plays mind movies p. 3,4
What grade is Ally in?
What name does Mr. Daniels use frequently for the class?
"Fantasticos" p. 53 . . .