data that has been processed into a useful form
the following describes the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black that can be displayed on an LCD monitor
contrast ratio
which of the following are not commonly used non-impact printers
laser printers and thermal printers
which of the following is a disadvantage of a multifunction peripheral
if the device breaks down,users lose all four functions
which of the following are audio output devices that cover the outside of the ear
which of the following is a touch sensitive device resembling a dry erase board that displays the image on a connected computer screen
interactive whiteboard
what is the hardware device that conveys information to one or more people
an output device
many mobile computers and mobile devices use LCD monitors what does LCD stand for
liquid crystal display
what is a form of digital television that works with digital broadcast signals,transmitting digital sound,supporting wide screens,and providing high resolution
what is the print option where the page is taller than it is wide
which of the following statements is not true about replacing toner cartridges
toner cartridges are biodegradable
what are sophisticated printers that are used in specialized fields such as engineering and drafting called
what is a large device that attaches to a ceiling or wall in an auditorium that displays texts and images on a screen called
data projector
today's joysticks,wheels,game pads,and motion sensing game controllers include a technology that sends resistance to the device in response to actions of the user
force feedback
AVL,WMV,and MPG are types of what kind of file format
what happens when a computer starts up
the computer opens application software from ROM
what is storage media
the physical material on which a computer keeps data,instructions and information
which storage term used to measure capacity is approximately a billion bytes
items on a storage medium remain intact even when power is removed from the computer
which of the following has the fastest transfer rate
which of the following statements is not true about hard drives
a hard disk that is mounted inside the system unit is sometimes called a permadisk
what is the term for a narrow recording band that forms a full circle on the surface of a hard disk
what causes a head crash on a hard disk
a read write head touches the surface of a platter
windows include tools that can be used to improve the performance of your hard disk,what is the tool called that reorganizes the data on a hard disk so that it can be accessed more quickly
disk fragmentation