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tells you the topic of the map
map title
shows the cardinal directions and sometimes shows the intermediate directions
compass rose
provides the distance on the map compared to distance in real life.
map scale
provides information about what the symbols on the map stand for
map key
helps you find the absolute location of places on a map
map grid
the exact position of a place on Earth
absolute location
latitude and longitude
global grid
north, south, east, and west
cardinal directions
northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest
intermediate directions
What letter is at 0°, 0°?
What letter is at 30°S, 150°E?
45°N, 105°W
What are the coordinates for letter i?
45° N, 30°E
What are the coordinates for letter K?
What letter is at 60°N, 0°?
15°N, 15°W
What are the coordinates for letter J?
i and K
What 2 letters are at 45°N latitude?
Located in the eastern, western, and northern hemispheres.
Located in the western and northern hemispheres.
North America
Located in the western, northern, and southern hemispheres.
South America
Located in the eastern, northern, and southern hemispheres.
Located in the eastern and southern hemispheres.
Located in the northern, southern, eastern, and western hemisphere.
Located in the eastern, western, and southern hemispheres.