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Grammar Week 10


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Subject-Verb Agreement
A subject and verb must match or agree.
*Find out what type of subject you have: simple or compound. Then select a verb that matches.
-Example: [Stuart is] eating tacos. ->simple subject, verb to match
-Example: [Dad and Mom were] singing the oldies. ->compound subject, verb to match
Writing Numbers Correctly:
Rule 1
Numbers from one to nine are written in words
-Example: Boyd caught three fish.
Writing Numbers Correctly:
Rule 2
Numbers 10 and over are written using numerals
-Example: Cleo picked 32 apples from one tree.
Writing Numbers Correctly:
Rule 3
Write all numbers as words IF they are FIRST word of a sentence
Example: Thirteen people were dancing int he courtyard.
Belonging to them
-Example: If a cat belongs to Kay and Ted, we say it is [their] cat.
At that location
-Example: She waited for a car to take her over [there.]
A contraction for the words they are
-Example: "I hope [they're] going to arrive in time," said Jim.
Simple Subject (Review)
Only one person, one place, or one thing.
Compound Subject (Review)
Two or more people, places, or things.