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Public sinners

prostitutes and tax collectors


tax collectors

Social outcasts

lepers and Samaritans and some Roman Soldiers

Who were the followers of Jesus

wealthy and influential people, religious leaders, women, poor, outcasts

Three women who were friends and followers of Jesus

Mary Magdelene, Mary and Martha, Joanna


any follower of Jesus, even you!


12 chosen by Jesus to be his closest companions

Names of the 12 Apostles

Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, Thaddeus, Simon, Judas

Apostles who were fishermen

Peter, Andrew, James, John and Philip

Apostle who was a tax collector


Apostles whose names are associated with writing a gospel

Matthew and John

Name means "rock"


Denied Jesus


Betrayed Jesus


Doubted Jesus


Apostle who didn't quite "get it"


Given the keys to the kingdom


3 sets of brothers who were Apostles

Peter and Andrew; James and John, James the Less and Simon the Zealot

Sons of thunder

James and John

Sons of Zebedee

James and John

Apostles who were Jesus' cousins

James the Less, Jude (also called Thaddeus) and Simon the Zealot

Strict followers of the Jewish laws


Wealthy ruling class of Jewish leaders


Educated scholarly class


Come from the family of Levi


Jesus three closest Apostles

Peter, James and John

Friend of Jesus who had seven demons driven out of her

Mary Magdelene

Brother of Mary and Martha


Jesus treated women

as equals and with respect and kindness

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