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PowerPoint Ch. 1

A PowerPoint ________ can help you deliver a dynamic, professional-looking message to an audience.
All of the following are PowerPoint content used to customize slides except ________.
PowerPoint ________ should reinforce the speaker's message and help the audience retain the information presented.
establish why the presentation is needed
The best starting point to developing a presentation is to ________.
add clip art to every slide
All of the following are general project guidelines for a new presentation except ________.
document theme
A ________ provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation.
Office Theme
The default document theme is ________.
The Themes gallery is located on the ________ Ribbon tab.
The box on a slide that has a dotted or hatch-marked border and that contains the insertion point is a text ________.
Title Slide
When you open a new presentation, a slide with the default ________ layout appears.
By default, slides in a new presentation are in ________ orientation.
Quick Access Toolbar
The Undo button is located on the ________.
When you type the wrong character, you can press the ________ key to erase all the characters back to and including the one that is corrected.
Pressing the ________ key when entering title text in a placeholder creates a new paragraph.
Avoid text with a font size greater than 30 point.
Which of the following is not a design guideline for formatting text?
Text ________ defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.
A point is ________ of an inch in height.
________ text has a slanted appearance.
Mini toolbar
The Italic button is located on the ________.
When selecting text colors, try to limit using ________.
Title and Content
When you add a new slide following the title slide, PowerPoint uses the ________ slide layout for the new slide.
You can insert a new slide by pressing the ________ keyboard shortcut keys.
a title
PowerPoint assumes every new slide, except for a blank slide, has ________.
You can move the insertion point into the next text placeholder by pressing the ________ keyboard.
In a multi-level bulleted list slide, creating a lower-level paragraph is called ________ the text.
(Home tab | Font group)
What is the correct path to the Bold button?
on the Mini toolbar
To change the font size of selected text, click the Decrease Font Size or Increase Font Size buttons located ________.
Layout gallery
Using the ________, you can choose the arrangement of placeholders on a new slide.
Notes pane
You can type comments to yourself in the ________ for a specific slide while working in Normal view.
The default PowerPoint view is ________ view.
The Microsoft Clip Organizer
________ is a collection of drawings, photographs, sounds, videos, and other media files shared among Microsoft Office applications.
Clip Art task pane
You can search for media clips using the ________.
You can drag a selected clip's sizing ________, to resize the clip.
drag and drop
The process of moving a slide object to a new location using the mouse pointer is called ________.
A slide ________ is a special animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next slide in a slide show.
Document ________ are the details about a file.
date the presentation file was created or changed
Which of the following is not a standard document property?
Which of the following keys can you press to run a slide show starting with slide 1?
Sending electronic documents is a way to contribute to ________ computing.