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Chapter 1 & 2 Psychology Test

In an experiment, four groups of college students used different memorizing strategies to learn the material in one chapter of a textbook. Then each group was given the same multiple-choice test on the material. What was the dependent variable in this study?
The students performance on the test
Wertheimer was associated with the ________ school.
As part of an assignment, Bill's class was asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire on prejudice. Which research method was Bill's professor using?
Which of the following is NOT associated with Gestalt psychology?
Modern psychology is said to have begun when:
Wundt opened the first laboratory devoted to the scientific study of psychology.
Watson felt that psychologists should study ________.
observable behavior
Which of the following is associated with Gestalt psychology?
The first psychology laboratory was opened by ________.
Neurons that are at rest are still electrically charged.
Which equipment is used to monitor brain waves?
What is the main function of the reticular formation?
to control levels of alertness
Which of the following regions contains the primary visual cortex?
occipital lobe
Messages from the brain to the muscles and glands in the body begin their journey in the ________.
motor cortex
During action potential, the electrical charge inside the neuron is ________ the electrical charge outside the neuron.
positive compared to
Vladimir is typing on the computer keyboard. The motion of his fingers on the keys is probably being controlled by ________.
motor pathway neurons
The cerebral cortex is severed in individuals who are considered to have a "split brain" after a surgery to stop epileptic seizures.
The sex glands, which secrete hormones that regulate sexual development and behavior as well as reproduction, are called ________.
the gonads
The cortex "wrinkles" as a result of fluid filling the brain over the lifespan.
Jack suffered a brain injury as a result of hitting his head while waterskiing. One of the problems that developed was that Jack could not pronounce certain words correctly for a long period of time until he had extensive speech therapy and can now speak as he did before his accident. This is an example of the brain's ________ which allowed the structure and function of his brain cells to change to adjust to the trauma.
Denise just received the results of a complete physical that found her body is not producing enough insulin. Which of the following endocrine glands is affecting her body's ability to produce insulin?
One function of the nervous system is to send information to and from all parts of the body.
A researcher wants to obtain a "movie" of changes in the activity of the brain using images from different time periods. Which of these would be the best choice for this researcher?
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
When the sympathetic nervous system assumes control of the involuntary bodily processes during a stressful situation, which of the following changes is likely to occur?
digestion stops
"Split Brain" patients are patients who have had ________.
their corpus callosum cut
The right cerebral hemisphere primarily controls:
the left side of the body
The basic message-carrying cells of the nervous system are labeled:
A victim of a car wreck with head injuries, whose involuntary bodily processes (breathing, heartbeat, etc.) have been disturbed, probably has had damage done to the ________.
Which of the following is true of neural impulses in a single neuron?
the strength of a neural impulse is the same each time the neuron fires
Which hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is dominant in language tasks?
The idea that large fibers in the sensory nerves can prevent impulses from reaching the brain and thus prevent the sensation of pain is part of the ________ theory of pain.
The motor cortex is located in the ________ lobe of the brain.
Which part of the brain can be thought of as a major switching station that directs incoming information to the correct brain structure?
Gestalt psychology contributed to the development of cognitive neuroscience.
Sigmund Freud was the father of psychology.
Which of the following situations best illustrates the placebo effect?
You drink a nonalcoholic drink and become "intoxicated" because you think it contains alcohol.
A negative correlation means that high values of one variable are associated with low values of the other.
Wesleyan University researchers Jamison and colleagues conducted a study to explore the negative stereotypes of collegiate athletes as "dumb jocks." In their study, the researchers found ________.
negative stereotypes in higher education may contribute to collegiate student athletes under performing in academics
The steps or procedures an experimenter must use to control or measure the
variables in a study is called the ________.
operational definition
What did Sigmund Freud consider as the key to understanding the nervous disorders he observed?
unconscious mind
The question "Why is it happening?" refers to which of the following goals in psychology?
A correlation coefficient shows that smoking and life expectancy are indeed related. As a result, a researcher could predict ________ if the direction of the relationship is known.
the person's life expectancy will go up or down based on the number of cigarettes the person smokes daily
Each of the following is a common ethical guideline suggested by the American Psychological Association EXCEPT ________.
participants cannot be deceived or have information concealed from them at any
time during an experiment
The magazine Desperate Wives publishes a survey of its female readers called "The Sex Life of the American Wife." It reports that 87 percent of all wives like to make love in rubber boots. The critical flaw in this research would be ________.
the fact that the sample is not representative of American wives