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  1. Maangi ci nég bi.
  2. Déedéet, defuñu dara.
  3. Naka ligéey bi?
  4. Naka subba si?
  5. Naka guddi gi?
  1. a No, they are fine (nothing is wrong with them).
  2. b How's the morning?
  3. c I am in the house.
  4. d How is your work?
  5. e How's the night?

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  1. How is your family?
  2. The evening is fine (here only).
  3. The night is fine (here only).
  4. How (where) is your family (household)?
  5. The morning is fine (here only).

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  1. Ñungi taxaw ci biti.I am in the house.


  2. Nanga def?How are you? (long form)


  3. Bëcëk baangi fi rek.The evening is fine (here only).


  4. Naka bëcëk bi?How is your work?


  5. Jaama nga endu?Did you pass the night in peace?