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(Adapted from Peace Corps Gambia Wolof Grammar Manual, 1995)

Salaam maaleekum.

Peace be upon you.

Maaleekum salaam.

Peace be upon you as well.

Jaama ngaam?

Are you at peace?

Jamma rek.

Peace only.

Ana waa kër gi?

How (where) is your family (household)?

Ñunga fa.

They are fine.

Mbaa defuñu dara.

I hope they are fine (nothing is wrong with them).

Déedéet, defuñu dara.

No, they are fine (nothing is wrong with them).

Naka ligéey bi?

How is your work?

Maangi ci kowam, ndanka, ndanka.

I am on it, one step at a time (slowly, slowly).

Naka nga def?

How are you? (long form)

Nanga def?

How are you? (standard)

Noo def?

How are you? (short form)

Naka waa kër ga?

How is your family (household)?

Naka njaboot gi?

How is your family?

Maangi fi rek.

I am fine.

Lan nga indi?

What did you bring?

Xibaar laa indi.

I brought news.

Maangi ci nég bi.

I am in the house.

Ñungi taxaw ci biti.

They are standing outside.

Jaama nga fanaan?

Did you pass the night in peace?

Naka subba si?

How's the morning?

Subba sangi fi rek

The morning is fine (here only).

Jaama nga endu?

Did you pass the day in peace?

Naka bëcëk bi?

How is the afternoon (noontime)?

Bëcëk baangi fi rek.

The afternoon is fine (here only).

Naka ngoon si?

How's the evening?

Ngoon saangi fi rek.

The evening is fine (here only).

Naka guddi gi?

How's the night?

Guddi gaangi fi rek

The night is fine (here only).


How...? (informal)

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