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Pre-Columbian America

Aztec religion was based on a belief in the struggle between________________
-Good and Evil
The ________ civilization is the oldest Mesoamerican civilization.
Mayans writing system is based on hieroglyphs which ________?
-Spanish conquerors made no effort to decipher, and instead burned Mayan books
First major city in Mesoamerica?
Aztec god who took form of a feathered serpent
Largest Mayan city with over 100,000 inhabitants
Conqueror of the Aztecs
Montezuma didn't attack Cortes because ______
-he believed that Cortes was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl
Which of the following is NOT a theory for the decline of Mayan civilization
-lack of invention and adaptation
Inca women might expect to do any of the following EXCEPT
-serve in the army.
The Inca did NOT possess
-a writing system.
One of the factors that contributed to the downfall of both the Inca and the Aztec empires was their
-lack of a natural immunity to diseases that the Spanish brought with them from Europe
oldest major city in the Americas
The Inca produced a magnificent, expansive, and complex culture, despite lacking all of the following except ________
-a system of writing
Which of the following did not contribute to the fall of the Incan Empire?
-The Incan Empire had ineffective communication systems.
Which city was located within the Toltec heartland?
What was placed over the high altar of the temple at Cuzco?
-an image of the Sun
In 1492, Columbus __________.
-arrived in the West Indies
Haiti's independence from France was achieved through a __________.
-slave rebellion
The mestizo population group is a majority group in most Latin American countries. Mestizos are best described as people __________.
-of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage
As the result of hundreds of years of assimilation with Spanish culture, the most common religion in Latin America is __________.
-Roman Catholicism
Which European nation was the most influential in colonizing Brazil?
All of the following were pre-Columbian civilizations in Mexico, except __________.
-the Inca
The US government was very involved in Latin America during the Cold War, often in an attempt to __________
-stop the spread of communism in the region
Which of the class pyramids above correctly shows the race-based class system used in the Spanish colonies in the Americas?
-Peninsular, Criollo, Mestizo, Mulatto, Amerindians and slaves.
areas of Mexico and Central America that were civilized before the Spaniards arrived
Rulers of the Mayan city-states claimed
-to be descended from gods
Which of the following statements best describes the role of the Catholic Church in the European conquest of Latin America?
-Catholic missionaries converted large numbers of the native populations, and the Catholic Church owned a substantial amount of property.
Which communist dictator seized power in Cuba in 1959?
-Fidel Castro
used both a solar calendar and a sacred calendar for measuring time
dvanced civilization near the Pacific coast, not far south of the border of Ecuador