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What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
It was an agreement that the Pilgrims signed before coming on land of the laws they would live by in the colony.
Citizens accused of witchcraft were hanged in what Massachusetts city?
What year did the pilgrims land at Plymouth (Massachusetts)?
In what year was Jamestown founded?
What is an indentured servant?
A person that works to pay off a debt (usually 7 years)
In 1585, the Lost Colony of Roanoke was the first attempt to create a settlement in America by the English. What happened to the colony when Sir Walter Raleigh returned with supplies?
There was no sign of anyone. No one knows what happened to them, except the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.
Who said "If you want to eat then you must work" in Jamestown? He was a common man who believed that even the "gentlemen" romEngland should have to work hard.
John Smith
Who saved the Virginia Colony by introducing tobacco as a crash crop? He also married Pocohontas.
John Rolfe
All the answers are reasons so many died
What were some of the reasons that so many died in Jamestown?
Why did the first settlers to Jamestown, Virginia come to America?
They were looking for gold and riches to become wealthy. Most were "gentlemen" who were not the first born and therefore didn't inherit wealth.
What happened to Pocahontas?
She married John Rolfe, moved to England, and died at the age of 22 from disease.
Who was the Puritans from Massachusetts Colony who believed that she had been called to preach. As a result she was kicked out of Massachusetts and moved to Rhode Island Colony where there was more religious tolerance.
Anne Hutchinson
What colony was settled mostly by Catholics.
What was the name of the Native Americans who helped the early settlers in Massachusetts by teaching them how to plant corn?
Who was the leader of the Quakers who established the "City of Brotherly Love" and settled a colony that practiced religious tolerance and freedom.
William Penn
What was the last English colony that was created? It was a place for debtors to lie and get a new start. It was also established as a place to be a "buffer zone" between the English colonies and Spanish Florida.
In 1635, Roger Williams was driven from the Puritan community in Massachusetts Colony for speaking about religious and political freedom. Which colony did he settle that was known as a place for religious freedom and place for those kicked out of the Puritan communities?
Rhode Island
Which group of colonies would be best known for large plantations and agriculture? Cash crops like tobacco and rice were grown in these colonies.
Southern Colonies
They believed in equality of all people, they were against slavery and war.
What were some of the beliefs of early Quakers?
Virginia Company
What was the name of the joint-stock company that was sent to the Chesapeake Bay (Jamestown) to look for gold and establish trade in fish and furs?
America, Africa, Europe
The Triangular Trade Route was the trade between
Which colonies made money mainly through fishing, ship building, fur trade and lumber?
New England colonies
Why did African Americans come to Jamestown in 1619?
To work in the tobacco fields?
Thoma Hooker was the founder of which society?