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a, an

not, without | apathy, analgesic

ab, abs

away, from, separated | abdicate, abort

ac, ad

to, toward | acclaim, accrete, adhere, adjoin

ambi, amphi

both, around | ambiguous, ambidextrous, ambiance

ante, anter

before, prior, in front of | antebellum, antechamber, anterior, antique

ap, apo

away from, detached | apology, apostate, apostle

cata, cat, cath

downwards, against, contrary to | cataclysm, catapult, catharsis


around | circumscribe, circumspect, circumference

co, com, con

with, together | cohabitation, comfort, collude, colloquy


against | contradict, contrast


down from, reverse, remove, out of, derived from | decapitate, declare, deface, delegate, delineate

di, dif, dis

separation | disable, dispute, decrease, divert


bad, difficult | dysentery, dysphoria

ec, ecto, ex

outside of, external, away from | eclectic, ecstasy, excursion, excuse, explode

em, en, ent

in, into, within | encourage, endemic, embryo, embargo, enchant


over, above, around | epilogue, epitome, epidemic

eu, ev

well, good | euphoria, eulogy, euphemism


more, beyond normal, excessive | hyperkinetic, hypersonic


less, under, below | hypochondria, hypothesis

in, im, em, en

in, on, amongst, within | incarnate, insert, inspire, instruct, immolate, employ, enchant

in, im

not | immeasurable, improper, inadequate

men, ment

result, means of or product of an action | instrument, ailment, compartment, entanglement

meta, meth

after, along with, transfer, changed | metabolism, metaphor, metaphysics, method


worse, badly | mischief, misadventure, mistake

ob, of, op

toward, against, face-to-face | object, obnoxious, occupy, oppose

par, para

beside, near, faulty | paradox, parasite, parody


through, thoroughly | perceive, permit, perpetrate, persuade


around, near, beside | perimeter, peripheral


before, in front of | precept, precede, prediction, predominant, pregnant


earlier, before, forward | proclivity, pronounce, propose


back, backwards | recant, recount, recur


aside, away | secede, seclude, sever

syl, sym, syn

united, together with, same | synonym, sympathy, syllogism

tra, trans

beyond, across, through | transact, traverse, transport


not | unable, undeniable, undone

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