P.E.- Basketball


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Back Court
The half of the court which contains the opponent's basket
Front Court
The half of the court which contains the team's own basket.
A player gives force to the ball once causing it to rebound from the floor and then
touches or regains possession
Defensive Player
A player whose team DOES NOT possess the ball.
Offensive Player
A player whose team HAS possession of the ball
When a player holding the ball steps once or twice with one foot while not moving the other
Field Goal
A ball that passes through the basket from above, legally given impetus by any play within the half of the court where the goal is made
Personal Foul
An infraction of the rules which involves personal contact
An infraction of the rules resulting in a throw-in from out of bounds for the opponents
Double Violation
Violations called upon players of both teams simultaneously
Double Foul
When two opponents commit personal fouls against each other at the same time
An aggressive move toward the basket by a player with the ball
Throwing, bouncing, batting, handling, or rolling the ball to a player
The accidental loss of player control by unintentionally dropping the ball or permitting it to slip from one's grasp
Jump Ball
A way of starting the game by dropping the ball in between two opponents in the restraining circle in the center of the court
Held ball
Player holding the ball more than 5 seconds when closely guarded
Closely Guarded
A situation which occurs when a player in control of the ball is guarded by an opponent who is within a distance of 6 feet of the player who is holding or dribbling the ball
Illegal personal contact with an opponent which interferes with her freedom of movement
Illegal personal contact which impedes the progress of an opponent
Personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball
Illegal progression in any direction while retaining possession of the ball in-bounds
A legal play to prevent or delay an opponent from getting into a desired place or position without body contact.
A quick offensive move by a player trying to get free for a pass
Using a deceptive move with the ball to pull the defensive player out of position
Fast Break
Moving the ball quickly downcourt in order to score before the defense can set up
Free throw
The privilege given a player to score one, two, or three points by unhindered throws for
a goal from behind the free throw line
Outlet Pass
A term used to designate a direct pass from a rebounder to a teammate, with the main objective being the start of a fast break
A term usually applied when the ball bounces off the backboard or basket
Throw in
A method of putting the ball in play from out-of-bounds
Man-toMan Defense
A type of defense in which each player has an assigned opponent with whom to guard
Zone Defense
A type of defense in which the players are responsible for guarding the areas of the court rather than the individuals
2 guards 2 forwards 1 center
4 quarters of 8 minutes