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Women Gain Rights


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Florence Kelley
Progressive reformer and suffragette who believed women were hurt by unfair prices for goods they had to buy to run their homes. Helped to fund the NCL to remedy this
Temperance Movement
Movement that promoted abstinence from alcohol and lobbied for federal legislation against it; felt that alcohol led to men squandering their earnings and abusing or neglecting their families
Margaret Sanger
Reformer who thought that family and women's lives would improve if mothers had fewer children. Opened the country's first birth control clinic, which proved very controversial: she was jailed multiple times for distributing information about birth control. After federal courts ruled that doctors could give out family planning information, she founded the American Birth Control League
American Birth Control League
League that provided families with information bout birth control
Ida B. Wells
African American teacher and journalist who focused her writing on the horrors of lynching. Helped to form the NACW
Carrie Chapman Catt.
Suffragette who reenergized the women's rights movement in the 1890s. One of the country's first female school superintendents. Traveled around the country urging women to join the NAWSA
Alice Paul
Best known leader of social activists. Believed that drastic steps were needed to win the vote. Formed the NWP in 1917
19th Amendment
Amendment that granted the right to vote regardless of sex
Frances Willard
Influential speaker who led the WCTU and contributed to the passage of the 18th amendment
The right to vote
Susan B. Anthony
Early women's rights activist who tirelessly struggled with other reformers like Elisabeth Cady Stanton for women to have a voice in political issues
Muller v. Oregon
Review of a law that capped women's work hours at 10 hours in which lawyer Louis D. Brandeis argued that long working hours harmed women and their families. The Supreme Court agreed and said that women should be placed in their own class because of their position as mothers. Therefore, laws could limit their working hours. Later this was used to justify paying women less than men for their work
Louis D. Brandeis
Lawyer that argued that long working hours harmed women and their families
Workers' Strike Fund
Fund created by the WTUL that could be used to support families who refused to work in unsafe or unfair conditions
Elisabeth Cady Stanton
Early women's rights activist who tirelessly struggled with other reformers like Susan B. Anthony for women to have a voice in political issues
Is It a Crime for a Citizen of the United States to Vote?
Famous speech Susan B. Anthony gave while touring the country while awaiting trial after she attempted to vote
Society plan
Plan to recruit wealth, well-educated women into NAWSA
Jane Addams
Progressive reformer who was active in the settlement house movement and also played a large role in the women's suffrage movement
Harriet Stanton Blatch
Daughter of Elisabeth Cady Stanton who became a leader in a new generation of suffragettes
Social activists
Suffragettes who took to the streets, organizing mass parades and rallies for their cause
Maud Younger
"Millionaire Waitress"--organiser of California's first waitresses union
Nina Otero-Warren
Hispanic woman who headed New Mexico's State Board of Health
National Consumers League
The nation's oldest consumer advocacy organization; it represents consumers on marketplace and workplace issues by labeling certain products produced that are produced under humane conditions
Women's Trade Union League
A league that strove to reform working conditions for women by supporting women in labor unions and strikes and pushed for federal laws that set a minimum wage and eight-hour workday. This was one of the few groups in which upper-class and working-class women served together as leaders.
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Group that led the temperance movement. It conducted "women's crusades" to "agitate, educate, and legislate" against the destructive power of alcohol
National American Woman Suffrage Association
Merger group of Suzan B. Anthony's and a rival organization. Lobbied for state suffrage amendments that would lead to a federal amendment
National Association of Colored Women
Group that promoted the moral, mental, and material progress by women of color, through women's suffrage and education
National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage
Group that argued that woman suffrage would impede women from their family and volunteer work
National Woman's Party
Group formed from NAWSA by Alice Paul that used more militant methods--such as hunger strikes and picketing the White House-- to enfranchise women nationally
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Group that aimed to educate citizens on civil rights, eliminate race prejudice, and ensure political educational, social, and economic equality