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20.3 The Business of America


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Calvin Coolidge
President when Harding died.
Both Coolidge and his Republican successor, Herbert Hoover, favored...?
government policies that would keep taxes down and business profits up, and give businesses more available credit in order to expand.
Their goal was to..?
keep government interference in business to a minimum and to allow private enterprise to flourish.
How did the widespread use of the automobile affect the environment and the lives of Americans?
-Cars change life: paved roads, gas stations, motels, shopping centers
-give mobility to rural families, women, young people
-workers live far from jobs, leads to urban sprawl(spread of cities)
-by late 1920s, 1 car for every 5 americans
What road was legendary?
Route 66, a route from Chicago to California.
Where was the first automatic traffic signals began blinking in?
Detroit in early 1920s
What was the first underwater tunnel?
The Holland Tunnel.
urban sprawl
the unplanned and uncontrolled spreading of cities into surrounding regions.
The automobile industry provided..?
an economic base for such cities as Akron in Ohio, and Detroit, Dear-born, Flint, and Pontiac in Michigan.
status symbol
a possession believed to enhance the owner's social standing
The auto industry symbolized the success of...?
the free enterprise system and the Coolidge era.
The airplane industry began as...?
a mail carrying service for the U. S. Post Office.
When was the first flight?
planes began carrying ______ and ________.
radios; navigational instruments
How did the use of electricity affect Americans lifestyle?
Almost every machine used electricity. Electricity was in the cities and farms.
As productivity increased?
businesses expanded.
Congress passed a law that allowed...?
national banks to branch within cities of their main office.
installment plan
an arrangement in which a purchaser pays over an extended time, without having to put down much money at the time of purchase.
What were the main advantage (plus) and disadvantage (minus) of buying on credit?
Plus is people could buy goods they could not otherwise afford. Minus is people could go far into debt without realizing it.