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present simple/present continuous (+ - ?)


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am going
I------ to the cinema today. (go)
is playing
He ------ computer games at the moment. (play)
are having
We ------ a party now. (have)
My friends ------ to the cinema every weekend. (go)
My sister ----- the piano twice a week. (play)
Clara ------ lunch at 12:00 every day. (have)
is eating
Look! The giraffe ------- the leaves! (eat)
Meerkats usually ------ insects, plants and lizards. (eat)
are doing
My sister and I ------ our homework now. (do)
My best friend ------- his homework every day at 4 o' clock. (do)
am listening
I can't talk to you right now. I ----- to my favourite music. (listen)
My brother always ------- to the Beatles. (listen)
isn't raining
Look! It ------- at the moment! Let's go out! (NOT rain)
doesn't rain
Usually it ------ in the evenings. (NOT rain)
aren't swimming
Oh, no! Jach and Jane ------ fast enough. They are going to lose. (NOT swim)
don't swim
No, we ------- on Fridays. We swim on Mondays and Wednesdays. (NOT swim)
am not helping
I ------ you now! I have no time. I must wash up. (NOT help)
doesn't help
Steve -------- a lot to his mother. He never tidies his room. (NOT help)
aren't sleeping
Sssh.... Listen! They ------ I can hear them. (NOT sleep)
don't sleep
Babies usually -------- too much at night. (NOT sleep)
isn't singing
Oh, this is terrible!!! Stop it! This boy ------- very well! (NOT sing)
don't sing
Sometimes we -------- in the school. We go out to the streets. (NOT sing)
am not getting up
I ------ today! I don't want to go to school! Leave me alone! (NOT get up)
doesn't get up
Mary -------- at 6 o'clock. Her alarm clock rings at 6:30. (NOT get up)
Are you smoking
What is this smell? ------ a cigarette? (you+smoke)
Do you eat
------- every day? (you+eat)
You shouldn't!!
is Pete doing
What ------- ? Is he feeding his dog? (Pete+do)
does he do
What -----? Is he a doctor? (he + do)
Are they cleaning
Where are your friends? ------their bedroom? (they+clean)
Does Anna clean
------- her bedroom every Saturday? (Anna+clean)
Are you going
------- to the hairdresser's today? Your hair is too long. (you+go)
do you go
How often ------- to the cinema? (you+go)
Is Steven wearing
Hey, look! ------ a new jacket today? (Steven+wear)
Do you wear
------- a uniform in school? (you+wear)
is Liza watching
What ------ now? Is this her favourite programme? (Liza+watch)
Does Alice watch
--------- TV every afternoon? (Alice+watch)