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a precedent

a case that serves as a model for future cases

the defendant in a lawsuit is the person againts whom the suit is brought


whcih of the follinf credentials is a vouluntary, usually national exam, that shows the level of competency


which of these credentials is mandatory for certain health professionals to practice in their feild


when a medical office employee acts on behaft of his or her employer, the act falls under

the law of agency

a valid out of state license is accepted as the basis for issuing a license in a second sate, without re-examination


what is the purposeof formalized codes of ethics in the health care [rofessions

to increase the competetence and standard]of care within the profession

under the doctrine of repondeat superior, the physician is solely responsible for the egligent acts of his or her employees


which one of the following is not sufficient grounds for revoking a medical license


what document serves as a huideline for employees about professional behavior and etiquettle

offcice policy manual

foe=rmed through the influences of the family, culture, and society, these as the basis for ethical conduct

moral values

lawe applying specifically to the practice of medicine in a certain state are called

medical practice acts

in a partnership, each partner is responsible for the acts of the other


each professional in the heath care team ia able to legally perform only those duties dictated by professional and statytory guidelines


the disicipline dealing with the ethical implication of biological research is known as


laws are the minium standard necessary to keep society running smoothly


the patient bill rights is federal law


fraud includes the intent to deceive


unethical behavior is always illegal


the latin term for


an unthical act can result in a finve and imprisonment


a code of ethics is enacted by goverment


managed care is type of heath maintenance organization(HOM)


what does the goverment enact to keep society running smooth


registration maybe achieved by attaining a certain level of education and paying a fee


before a physician can be granted a license, the following criteria must be met

all of the choice are correct

what practice management system allows for a sharing of expenses whout sharing profits and liability

associate practice

a plaintiff in a law suit is

the person who has brought the suit

which of the following are not enacted by gorverment

rules of equettle

laws that apply specifically to the practice of medical in a particular state are called mediacal practice acts


another term for bioethics protocol


ethics are concerned with standars of behavior and the concept of right and wrong


law may be defined as

a rule of conduct

a litigious person id one who is prone to engage in lawsuits


medical practice acts were prginallly enacted to prevent quackery


an understanding of legal and ethical issues is not imprtant for a successful medical office employee


what means of issuing a medical licenses is made by perior arrangement between two states


using certifield personal in a medical office indicates that the physian is exercising due care in his or her role as emploer and heath care provider


violation of crimical or civle law resulting in conviction may result in the loss of one;s medical licende


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