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Unit 2 Quiz


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What does a grand jury decide?
whether a person should be indicted
Being justly compensated if the government takes your property is guaranteed by what?
5th Amendment to the Constitution
Your right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures protects you from what?
Illegally obtained evidence be used against you in court
Opponents to the Constitution what this added to it
a bill of rights
What principle of government is used when a court declares a law unconstitutional?
checks and balances / judicial review
When may your religious practice be restricted?
if it threatens someone's health and safety
What are the two parts of the legislative branch?
Senate and House of Representatives
Why is the Constitution called a living document?
because it can be changed when needed
Why is amending the Constitution an example of federalism?
because it involves both the states and Congress
What protects us against searches without probable cause?
Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures
What is an indictment?
to formally charge a person with a crime
When may the government stop a public demonstration?
when it threatens the safety of the community
What is eminent domain?
When the government takes private property
What principle of government is demonstrated when the governor vetoes a bill?
checks and balances
What is double jeopardy?
trying someone for the same crime twice
Being read you rights is part of what process?
due process
Being judged (trial) by your peers is part of what process?
due process
Both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution say who is in charge?
the people
Not given a fair hearing (trial) is part of what?
due process
If a state were to eliminate representation (lawyers) for defendants accused of a crime it would violate what?
due process