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In ancient Rome, bridge like stone structures that carried water from the hills to the cities

Civil law

Body of law dealing with private citizens


Rome's largest stadium featuring shows of animals, gladiators and architectural marvel


Roman official from the Patrician class who supervised the government and commanded the armies


Roman leader appointed to rule for 6 months in times of emergency


basic unit of the Roman army - about 5000 soldiers


member of the landholding upperclass in Rome

Pax Romana

200 year span when Roman rule brought peace, order, unity and prosperity to the empire


member of the lower class of Rome, including farmers, merchants, artists and traders


system of government in which people choose officials


offical in Rome who was elected by the plebians to protect their interests

Twelve Tables

Roman laws inscribed on 12 tablets and set-up in the Forum, or marketplace


Hilltop fortress of an ancient Greek city-state


In Greek city-states, government headed by a priviliged minority of the upper class


government in which people hold the ruling power

Direct Democracy

system of government in which citizens participate directly rather than through elected representatives


A cultural blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Indian cultures


government in which king or queen holds power


government in which power belongs to a few people


famous Greek temple on the Acropolis of Athens


city-state in ancient Greece

Socratic method

questioning process aimed at seeking the truth

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