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what do the letters in UPP stand for

urethral pressure profile

within the male genital system, the greatest numbers of codes fall under what category


endoscopic procedures within the urinary subsection, kidney subheading, are often divided based on this unique factor

existence of a stoma

urethral dilation codes are often divided based on this factor

Initial or subsequent

for medical complications of pergnancy, the physician would report his additional professional service using codes from what section or subsection


if the patient has had a pervious cesarean delivery and then has a vaginal delivery, the correct code would be


biopsy of the vaginal mucosa code is


what surgery subheading has only two codes

intersex surgery

the peripheral nervous system refers to the nervous strucures outside of the

to relieve prrsure of the brain

what procedure is often performed with a laminectomy


neuroplasty is the

decompression of intact nerves

the endocrine subsection of the cpt manual contains codes for ______ endocrine glads


within the endocrine system description, the terms subtotal and ____means something less than the total


in the surgery of skull bade the _____ procedure is what is done to the lesion


when reporting a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure it is common that additional____required.


the initials that indicate a shunting procedure are


a nephrectomy with total ureterectomy and bladder cuff, through differnt incisions cpt code


complex cystometrogram with calibrated elibrated electronic equipment cpt code


the semen analysis following a bilateral vasectomy cpt code


a radical retopubic prostatectomy with nerve sparing cpt code


colposcopy of the cervix with a biopsy

Hint: Colposcopy, cervix

a patient who has delivered twice by means of cesarean section receives complete obstertrical care and vaginal delivery servie that include the postpartum care.

Hint: Vaginal delivery, after previous cesarean delivery

patient presents for a laparoscopic salpingostomy


total pernatal care for vaginal delivery after a pervious cesarean delivery and postparum service


posterior hemilaminectomy with herniated discectomy L2 thru L4

Hint: See Hemilaminectomy. Per the CPT® guidelines, report code 63035 in conjunction with code 63030.

anesthetic injection of sphenopalatine ganglion


the urinary system subection is first arranged anatomically


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