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The AFJROTC Rank Quiz

The consistent titles with descriptions of cadet and officer ranks from Cadet Airman Basic-Chief Master Sargent

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Cadet Airman Basic
No Rank Insignia
Cadet Airman
1 Stripe
Cadet Airman First Class
2 Stripes
Cadet Senior Airman
3 Stripes
Cadet Staff Sargent
4 Stripes
Cadet Technical Sargent
5 Stripes
Master Sargent
6 Stripes
Senior Master Sargent
7 Stripes
Chief Master Sargent
8 Stripes
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant
Chevron with 1 Stripe
Cadet 1st Lieutenant
Chevron with 2 Stripes
Cadet Captain
Chevron with 3 Stripes
Cadet Major
Double-wide Chevron
Lieutenant Colonel
Double-wide + 1 Stripe
Double-wide + 2 Stripes