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what is the standard accident prevention formula?

be alert, be prepared, act in time

if you miss an exit on a parkway, what should you do?

go to the next exit

what is the 2 second rule?

following distance

what is the 12 second rule?

following distance in the city

what is hydroplaning and at what speed does it occur? ...when you ________ up on a _________ of _________, starts at ~ ___ mph

ride, film, water, 35

what is tailgating? _______ _________ a vehicle in front of you very _______

following behind, closely

what is highway hypnosis? when a motorist has been on the _____ for too ________

road, long

how should you avoid highway hypnosis? don't _________ at anything for too long, rest every ___ hours

look, 2

the space b/w you and the car in front or behind you is called the _____________ _______________

space cushion

a deadly gas that comes from the cars exhaust system is ...

carbon monoxide

the "rule of thumb" for driving is __#__ car lane for every __#__ mile(s) you drive

1, 10

what does aggressive driving/road rage mean? the progression of ______________ driving _________

unlawful, actions

to report aggressive driving dial _______


during the first few min of rainfall road surfaces are ___________________ b/c ______ builds up from the road

slipperiest, oil

after driving through a deep puddle you should immediately ___________ ______ ________

pump your brakes

if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, make sure to _______________ and ______ off road

signal, pull

if you run off the pavement you should _______ _____ and _________ ___________

slow down, regain control

if you go into a SKID you should _______ ____ the direction of the _______ of the vehicle skidding. (no _______(s) or _________________ <-- alph)

turn in, rear, brake, oversteering

if a collision is impossible to avoid, you can lessen the impact by not going head on but rather trying to make a ______________ _____

glancing blow

if your brakes suddenly gie out, the 1st thing you should do is switch to a ______ ______, pump ________ pedal _______ several times

lower gear, pump, fast,

a common sense limit for miles driven in one ay is about _____-_______ miles (no more than __ hrs)

300, 400, 6

BAC stands for

blood alcohol concentration

BAC determines 1) quantity of _____ consumed, 2) ___________ ________, 3) body ________, 4) how ____________ _______ were consumed

alcohol, food eaten, weight, quickly drinks

it is illegal to drive when BAC is above _____ for a person 21+ or __________ for someone under 21.

.08, .01

most people arrested for drinking and driving had been drinking ____________


if a host is giving a party and someone is involved in a car accident, they may be involved in a _____________


a ___________ ____________ is responsible for safe transoporation of friends and family who have been drinking

designated driver

tranquillizers, prescription drugs and cold pills may affect basic ________ _____

driving skills

implied consent law?

breathalized test

a habitual offender is someone who has had ________ suspension(s) in ___________ year(s)

3, 3

members of states exchange info.. that's called the _________ _________

interstate compact

hwo many points does it take against your driving record for you to lose your license? _______ <18, ________ OR MORE 18+

4, 12

how many points can you accumulate before you're charged an INSURANCE SURCHARGE? how much $ is it? _____ OR MORE points in ______ years, $_____ for __ points, and then $_____ for each extra

6, 3, 50, 6, 25

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