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Castle Worldwide CRRN Test

Which act allows children with disabilities appropriate education, transition services, assistive technology, and rehab counseling?
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
What is a SMALL number of people with complementary skills who are equally commited to a common purpose, goals, and working approach known as?
real team
Participants in health care have combined widely shared human beliefs about health and illness into four major ethical principles. What obligation requires health care providers to help people in need?
What is nonmaleficence?
the duty to do no harm
What is the process of aligning and developing the capacity of a team to create the results its members desire?
team learning
Which of the following is a barrier to independent living for the C4 spinal cord injured patient?
availability of affordable, accessible housing
Which method of paying health care providers shifts part of the financial risk to hospitals by paying a fixed amount based on admission diagnosis?
prospective payment
Which christian sect maintains Saturday as the holy day?
seventh day adventist
What would be the BEST approach for the rehab nurse with a new interest in political activism?
identify one issue of interest and act on it
What is included in the American with Disabilities Act of 1990?
mandates 24 hour relay services by telephone companies so that individuals with telecommunication devices for the deaf could communicate with those who do not have those devices
Which team model is UNCOMMON in rehab practice?
Which tool should be used in the nursing assessment of pressure ulcer risk?
Braden Scale
Rebound occurs when an individual spends insufficient time in certain stages of sleep. For which of the following stages is rebound an IMPORTANT concept?
stage 4
Rebound occurs:
when an individual is deprived of Stage 4 sleep
Which statement is incorporated in Orem's self care theory?
investigation/decision making where the pt. has control and input regarding activity
Which nursing theorist views the person as a biological, symbolic, and social unit?
Dorothea Orem
Which spinal cord injury syndrome causes paralysis and loss of position sense on the same side as the injury and loss of pain and temperature sensations on the opposite side?
Brown-Sequard syndrome
What are the two PRIMARY goals of the interdisciplinary team in pediatric rehabilitation?
provision of care and self-maintenance
Which level of wellness views rehabilitation activities and the monitoring of health care processes to prevent complications or further illness, injury or disability?
tertiary prevention
How does an independent living program support an individual with a disability?
allows pts. to remain in their own dwellings while offering support services
Which techique allows the user to determine the volume of pts. required for a progam to be financially self-sufficient?
break-even analysis
When comparing one facility's selected outcomes with those of another facility's outstanding outcomes this is considered which process?
Which strategy, when implemented prior to discharge, promotes communication, defines the roles of each party, clearly outlines expected outcomes, defines the limitations of care, and establishes home health care agency liability?
health contract
Which of the following defines impairment?
the residual limitation that results from disease, injury, or a congenital defect
Define handicap
the interaction of a person with a disability with the environment
Define disability
the inability to perform some key life function
Define functional limitation
the loss of the ability to perform self-care tasks and is the result of an impairment
Patients with which diagnoses would be likely to have restrictive lung disease?
high level spinal cord injury
Which theory did Bandura deveklop to guide the assessment of the individual's ability to promote health and reduce risk?
What is the role of an interdisciplinary team?
reach a common goal thru team meetings and go beyoud their respective disciplines
What types of drugs would be MOST likely to cause male ejaculation and impotence problems?
antihypertensives, antispasmodics, calcium channel blockers, tranquilizers, anticonvulsants, alcohol, and analgesics
Which nursing theorist views health as a value-laden term imposed by society?
Martha Rogers
The major focus of King's nursing theory is:
goal attainment through interaction
Which ethical principle is exemplified by the rehab nurse who spends numerous hours in the preparation of a teaching plan for the pt, and future family caregivers?
What is an IMPORTANT condition that must be present for a team to be successful?
a commitment to a common purpose and specific goals
Which member of the rehab team has the PRIMARY responsibility for assisting pts. in gaining skills for community reentry?
recreational therapist
In which rehabilitaitonteam model is communication more vertical than lateral, with the leader controlling team conference?
multidisciplinary model
Self-efficacy is an important concept in relation to changing health behaviors. Which statement BEST describes self-efficacy?
the degree of confidence a person has about his or her ability to perform a specific activity
One lump sum payment made to the provider for each patient's treatment during a month or year is referred to as:
capitation payment
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is an expansion of which previous law?
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Who is responsible for developing, implementing, documenting and evaluating the treatment plan?
interdisciplinary team
Which initiative was developed by Medicare to reimburse physicians under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989?
resource-based relative value reimbursement
Which attribute or trait is a characteristic of a change-resilient person?
What is the ideal time to involve the external case manager?
onset of the disability
When faced with an ethical dilemma what must the rehab nurse do FIRST?
assess her own personal values
Which ascending spinal cord tracts is responsible for transmitting pain and temperature sensations?
the lateral spinothalamic tract