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  1. Anuria
  2. Dysuria
  3. Meatus
  4. Hemodialysis
  5. Dialysis
  1. a an opening in the external body that serves as a passageway for the elimination of urine
  2. b a process of removing waste products excess fluids and electrolytes from the blood
  3. c pain on urination
  4. d low amounts of urine or no urine
  5. e a process for eliminating nephrotoxins and retained fluid from the body

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  1. increased nitrogenous wastes in the blood including urea and creatinine
  2. diuresis; excessive urination
  3. an inflammatory disease of the glomerulus affecting kidney function; can be acute or chronic
  4. a sudden decrease in or total lack of kidney function; it can be reversed with prompt treatment
  5. need to void more than usual

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  1. Nocturiadiuresis; excessive urination


  2. Renal failurea condition in which the kidneys are unable to carry out the normal functions necessary to eliminate waste products and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance


  3. Urethritisa toxic state marked by an accumulation of urea and other nitrogenous wastes in the blood


  4. Incontinencefeeling that voiding must occur immediately


  5. Micturitionan inflammation of the urethra and causes redness irritation edema of the mucosa and urethral discharge