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  1. "The Dead", ruler of the underworld, Hades was the land of the dead, dead souls were ferried across the River Styx, Hades was judge for sinners, god of wealth because of underground gold, his 3-headed dog Cerberus guarded the underworld, Romans called him Pluto

  2. "The Sea", rules the seas, only Zeus is over him, cause or prevent storms/earthquakes, prayed to by sailors, lives in a palace under the sea with sea nymph wife, had a Cyclops son and a merman son, rode a chariot pulled by seahorses, carries a trident, dophins are his pets, Romans called him Neptune

  3. "Warfare and Wisdom", warrior who loves peace, defends goodness and fights evil in the world, never loses, turns her enemies into stone, uses her magic shield to protect the innocent, created the olive tree which made the olive branch a symbol of peace. The owl, a symbol of wisdom, accompanied her everywhere, legend says she sprang full grown from the head of Zeus, Athena's people built the Parthenon (a temple) to honor her, the Romans called her Minerva

  4. "War", god of war, a hateful and violent warrior, loves war because he enjoys being cruel to people, often started wars between people, brutal in fights but lost wars through his own cowardice or stupidity, son of Zeus and Hera, his parents couldn't stand his ugly qualities, has four sons named Terror; Dread; Panic; and Fear, war-loving Spartans loved Ares, Spartans made human sacrifices (their prisoners of war) to Ares, Romans called him Mars

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  1. Demeter
    "Mother Earth", goddess of growing things, watches over the planting and harvesting of grapes and grains, her symbol is a bundle of wheat, (legend: one day, the Earth opened up and Hades kidnapped her daughter to be his wife. Heartbroken, Demeter wandered the Earth looking for her daughter Persephone. In the meantime, no crops grew on Earth. Her brother Zeus forced a compromise: Two-thirds of the year, Persephone would live with her mother; during that time, crops would grow and the Earth would bloom. One-third of the year, she lived with Hades; during that season, the land would be barren). Romans called her Ceres


  2. Hera
    "Messenger and Movement", messenger of the gods (especially Zeus, his father), has wings on his feet and can fly, has both a good and a bad side: (As the god of motion, he protected merchants and other travelers, but he also protected thieves and cheats), also the god of sleep and dreams, carries a wand that was decorated with snakes, Romans called him Mercury


  3. Aphrodite
    "Truth and Light", rules the sun, brings spring and summer, golden-haired boy, a good-hearted and handsome youth, cannot tell lies, spreads happiness and good health with his music and poetry, often a warrior, fights evil in the world, Greeks loved him the most, adopted by the Greek city of Delphi because an Oracle there spoke his words to the people, can fly in his chariot, Romans call him the same thing


  4. Hermes
    "Women and Marriage", Zeus's wife, goddess of marriage, protects women during childbirth, tries to behave with dignity and goodness but is jealous of women who hit on Zeus (he once turned a woman into a cow in order to hide her from his wife), rides in a golden chariot, a peacock is her pet, Romans called her Juno


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