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flat file database

stores database records in a plain text file


most common flat file database

database development platforms

allow you to create a database and a DBMS for accessing and manipulating data in the database


smallest practical unit in most databases


typically a name, number, or combination of characters that in some way describe an aspect of an object or activity


collection of related fields that describe some object or activity


collection of related fields

master files

permanent files that are updated over time


collection of integrated & related files of tables


generalized class of people, places, or things for which data is collected, store, and maintained


characteristic of an entity

data item

specific value of an attribute

primary key

field within a database table that uniquely identifies each record

relational database

organizes data into multiple tables that are related by common fields

object-oriented model

encapsulates data and database functionality together in software objects

object-relational databases

combine features of object-oriented model with relational model (most popular model)


ability to connect data in different tables through a common field

entity relationship diagram

illustrates relationships b/w tables


graphical representation of the structure of a database

data definition language (DDL)

collection of instructions and commands used to define and describe data and data relationships in a specific database

data dictionary

detailed description of each field and table in a database

structured query language (SQL)

popular data manipulation language used by the vast majority of database programmers

data manipulation language (DML)

specific language provided with the DBMS that allows people and other database users to access, modify, and make queries about data contained in the database and to generate reports

query by example (QBE)

database entity is selected as an example of the criteria to be queried

data warehouse

very large database that holds important info from a variety of sources

data mart

small data warehouse, often developed for a specific person or purpose

data mining

process of extracting info from data warehouse

business intelligence (BI)

technologies used to gather and report info that supports intelligent business decision making

distributed database

takes available data stored in multiple locations and makes it appear as a single collection

cloud storage

situations where a distributed database provides storage services to the public

replicated database

holds a duplicate set of frequently used data

data center

climate-controlled building or set of buildings that house servers that store and deliver mission-critical info and services

lights out environment

data centers can run and manage themselves while being monitored remotely

database administrator (DBA)

skilled and trained computer professional who directs all activities related to an organizations database, including providing security from intruders


the data manipulation language ___ is the most popular tool when working with a database

data mining

through ______, businesses can analyze inventory and costs for more efficiency


a data warehouse ____ data from several databases to provide useful information

database management system

a _____ is a program that lets computer users create and access a collection of organized data

digital certificate

a data dictionary includes all of the following EXCEPT _________


inaccurate data entered into a database resulting in incorrect output is also known as ________


in a database, a collection of related records is referred to as a table or a _______


in a database, your first name would be categorized as a _______


data _______ refers to the quality and accuracy of the data

save data

the power of a database lies in the ability to do all of the following EXCEPT ______ in order to answer questions and discover patterns

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