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the outermost planet is


the axial tilt of ____ is 92 degrees


_____ has a large moon that has a retrograde orbit


in 1610 when galileo first pointed a telescope at the sky he discovered _____'s four large moons


this planet radiated more heat than it absorbs because of the friction of helium rain drops falling


europa orbits this planet


four moons of this planet were first identified be galileo


______'s magnetic field is produced in its rapidly spinning mantle of liquid metallic hydrogen


while _____'s rotation axis is only tilted at 29 degrees, its magnetic fields are just as strange as its twins'


the only two planets which can transit the sun are mercury and _____


______ is almost as big as jupiter, but only a third its mass


the surface of this planet was mapped by the spacecraft magellan


triton orbits this planet


in the telescope, ______ shows the most turbulent atmosphere with changes easily seen even with amateur telescopes


in brightness, jupiter is second only to the planet ______ most of the time


titan orbits this planet


this gas giant is widely regarded as earth's protector


uranus and _______ are very similar in size


in 1781, willian herschel discovered the green disk of _____ as the first telescopic planet


the planet _____ has the least variation in temperatures on the surface between day and night due to its carbon dioxide atmosphere


changes in the predicted motion of ____ led to the search for an eighth planet


the spacecraft galileo orbited _____ for 8 years


at the poles of ______, there are 42 earth years of constant daylight, then the same length of time of constant darkness


the most famous and long lasting storm in the solar system is on


which is the least dense planet


tje spacecraft cassini is in orbit around


neptune was discovered as a result of perturbations observed in the orbit of


io orbits this planet


voyager 1 visited jupiter and


voyager 2 did not visit

mercury, venus, mars

this planet has many rings made of ice chunks


which of these moons has the densest atmosphere


a moon that goes inside the roche limit will

break apart because of tidal forces

jupiter is noticably oblate because

it rotates rapidly

which spacecrafts went to jupiter

voyagers, cassini galleleio

what is the source of jupiter's excess energy

the slow escape of gravitational energy which heated the planet's interior

what is thought to cause io's volcanism

jupiter's tidal stresses

the roche limit is the point at which

tidal forces stronger than gravity

what mission landed on titan in early 2005


the only spacecraft to have visited uranus and neptune was

voyager 2

adams and leverrier predicted the position of neptune, based on its perturbations of


neptune and uranus have a bluish tint because

methane absorbs red light

the most abundant component of the atmospheres of uranus and neptune is


which planet has the great dark spot in 1989 but had it lost by 1995


what is the predition for the future of triton

it will get below roche limit and and break up then turn into a ring

a moon with a smooth uncratered surface would imply

the surface is new

titan is an interesting moon because

dense atmosphere

the most abundant element in saturn's atmosphere is


the asteroid belt is believed to be debris left over from the age of formation of the solar system; the tidal effects of _____ probably prevented formation of a major planet there


rocky debris larger than 100 meters in diameter seen to be orbiting the sun are called


small icy bodies in the solar system which travel about the sun in highly eccentric orbits and come from all directions are


we new recognize that the largest kuiper belt object is


discovered in the 1990s, the _____ is a vaster, darker version of the more famed asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

kuiper belt

we find that near perihelion, pluto temporarily develops an


few _____ actually strike the earth, because most are small and burn up in the atmosphere


most meteor showers occur _____ as we again intersect the comets orbit


the nasa orbiter that ultimately landed on the surface of the asteroids eros was

NEAR shoemaker

what is the typical size of most known asteroids

a few km

what is the defining property of the trojan asteroids

in jupiter's orbit, 60 degrees ahead/behind it

pluto was discovered

in the 20th century

the k-t boundary event happened about 65 million years ago when an asteroid the size of deimos struck the ____ peninsula


the apollo and aten asteroids have orbits that

cross the earth's orbit

the oort clous is thought to be

spherical, further than kuiper, a lot of comets

long period comets are thought to reside mainly in the

oort cloud

the largest kuiper belt object is


meteorites are valuavke to astronomers because

they may provide evidence about the process in which the solar system was born

the planet uranus is

barely visible with the naked eye

which statements about the magnetic fields of uranus and neptune is false

both pass directly through the cores of their planets, like all other fields

studying the magnetosphere of the jovians has allowed us to measure their

rotation rates

the rotation period of uranus was measured through

observations of radio signals associated with its magnetosphere

which of the following objects would be found on the moon's surface


which of the following is true about the seasons of uranus

the uranian rotation axis produces some extreme seasonal effects

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