Vocab. Set #2 Systems and Survival

Behavioral and physical traits are learned through instruction, observation, trial and error or through factors from the environment. What am I?
I am an acquired trait(s).
Example: A bird learning how to fly from its parent(s).
An instinct that helps an organism to survive in its environment. What is it?
Behavioral instinct/characteristics/adaptations
Example: skunk spraying predator(s)
A behavior that an animal does from birth, automatically without having to be taught this behavior. What am I?
Instinctive behavior
Example: A fish knowing how to swim.
A behavior that must be taught with instruction and cannot be accomplished without instruction. What am I?
A learned behavior
Example: A dog learning how to bark.
A structure or body part that helps an animal/organism or a plant to survive.
Physical Adaptation
Example: Hermit crabs use their left pincers for protection or defense.
A passing of one physical/inherited characteristic from parent or grandparent to offspring/young.
Example: My eye color from my Mom.