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prime number

a whole number greater than 1 that has exactly two number factors 1 and itself

composite number

whole number greater 1 that has no more than 2 whole numbers

prime factorzation

the writing of a whole number as a product of prime numbers


a number, a variable, or the product of a number and 1 or more variables raised to the whole number powers

shingle method, prime factorzation

Use the ________ __________ to write the _______ _________ of the coefficient. The, factor the variables. Then, combine both prime factorzations.

common factor

a whole number that is a factor of two or more non zero whole numbers

greatest common factor (GCF)

The _______ whole number that is a commom factor of two two or more non zero whole numbers

Realively prime

2 or more non zero whole numbers whose greatest common factor is 1

Equivalent fractions

2 fractions that represent the same number

Simplest form

a fraction is in ____________ when its numerator and denomentaor are relitavily prime


the productof a number and any non zero whole number

Commom multiple

a multiple that is shared by two or more numbers

Least common multiple (LCM)

The number that is common multiple of 2 or more number

least Common Denominator (LCD)

The Least common multiple of the denominatoirs of 2 or more fractions

product of properties (words)

to multiply powers with the same base add the exponents

Quotient of powers property (words)

to divide powers with the same subtract the exponents

negative and zero exponents

for any non zero # a,a^0=1 for any non zero # and any integer n, a^n 1 /a^n

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