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MS Word Assessment Quiz

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What is superscript?
Superscript is a character that is raised and smaller above the baseline.
What does selecting text mean?
Selecting text, means to highlight a word, an entire sentence or a whole document.
In MS-Word, what does ruler help you do?
In MS Word, the ruler helps you set tabs, indents, and to change margins.
Which key, pressed to start a new paragraph in MS-Word?
The Enter Key
What is the shortcut to boldface in MS Word?
What is the function of the F& key in MS Word?
The F7 Key is the shortcut to the Spell Check function in MS Word.
Why are headers and footers used in document?
Headers and Footers are used to allow page headers and footers to appear on document when it is printed.
Borders can be applied to...
Borders can be applied to Cells, Text, and Paragraphs.
Name the types of page margins.
Top, Bottom, Left & Right are types of page margins.
Page Orientation
This function allows the user to change the page from Portrait to Landscape.
Two Font Style Buttons in the Font Grouping of the ribbon?
Bold, Italics are two font style buttons in the Font Grouping of the ribbon.
What are three types of line spacing.
Multiple, Double, and Single are three types of line spacing.
What are the shortcut keys to underline text?
Name a character that is lowered and smaller below the baseline.
Once you've deleted text you cannot get it back is true or false?
Once you've deleted text you cannot get it back is false? It is possible to retrieve deleted text.
This menu is where you would go to create columns for a newsletter or pamphlet style document.
Format Columns
What are the shortcut keys to center-align text?
This feature used to enhance and organize listed items.
Bullets & Numbering
This word processing function that draws a dotted line from the current cursor location to the next tab stop often used in table of contents are known as?
Dot Leaders
How is font size measured?
Font size is measured in points.
This tool display hidden formatting characters.
Show/Hide Paragraph Symbol
What are the shortcut keys to Select All?
What are the shortcuts keys to Save?
Font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out.