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Arduous (adj.)
Ascend (verb)
to go up
Banal (adj.)
Demure (adj.)
Deplete (verb)
empty/used up
Deteriorate (verb)
worsening condition
Err (verb)
when you make a mistake
Formidable (adj.)
something big/scary/strong/threatening
Immaculate (adj.)
Innocuous (adj.)
Ameliorate (verb)
to improve; to make something better
Capitulate (verb)
to give up; to surrender
Expanse (noun)
a wide, open area
Furtive (adj.)
Possess (verb)
to own/to control
Preoccupied (verb)
engrossed/absorbed in thought; busy
Rapt (adj.)
something amazes you/captures your attention; captivated
Retaliate (verb)
to get revenge
Stricken (adj.)
when you are suffering from something
Torrent (noun)
a large amount of fast and furiously flowing waters
Deference (noun)
showing deep respect for someone or something
Epitome (noun)
the best example of something
Grueling (adj.)
something difficult and exhausting
Hierarchy (noun)
a way of ranking group members based on importance
Integral (adj.)
an important piece
Mainstay (noun)
the most important part of something that supports everything else; prominent supporter
Odyssey (noun)
a long, eventful journey
Pan (verb)
to look slowly from side to side
Regale (verb)
to entertain with stories or talk
Scour (verb)
to clean by scrubbing
Congregate (verb)
when people come together in a group
Disregard (verb or noun)
to ignore; the act of ignoring something
Explicit (adj.)
something explained so clearly that it can't be misunderstood
Gnarled (adj.)
something that is wrinkled, twisted, knobbly or rough, especially with age
Muse (verb or noun)
to think deeply about something; a person who is a source of artistic inspiration
Nostalgic (adj.)
when you remember a happier time in the past
Postulate (verb)
to make an educated guess that something is true
Somber (adj.)
when you feel sad and gloomy
Supple (adj.)
something soft and flexible
Wan (adj.)
people who look weak, pale, work out or ill
Abate (verb)
to become less intense or widespread
Chagrin (noun)
a feeling of embarrassment because of failure
Compensate (verb)
to make up for something
Devotion (noun)
a deep love or admiration for someone/something
Enamored (verb)
to be fascinated by or in love with someone/something
Oblige (verb)
to do something for someone because you want to, not because you have to
Presumptuous (adj.)
making a judgment before knowing the facts
Prudence (noun)
when you plan things carefully and wisely
Reproach (verb)
to blame or criticize someone
Utter (verb)
to speak