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muscles glands and sensory receptors

The nerve fibers scattered throughout the dermis are associated with


The subcutaneous layer is located beneath the ¬¬¬____


As cells are pushed from the deeper portion of the epidermis toward the surface they ___


The ___ functions to retard water loss, excrete waste, and regulate body temperature

dermis and subcutaneous layer

The blood vessels that supply skin cells are found in the ___ and ___ ___


The main function of melanocytes is to protect deeper ____ from sunlight


Epidermal cells are supplied with nutrients from blood vessles located in the ___

vitamin d

Skin cells play an important role in the production of ¬¬¬¬___ _

epithelial cells

The cells that produce the shaft of a hair are ___ __


When the smooth muscles in the walls of dermal blood vessels contract body heat is ___

eccrine sweat glands

Respond primarily to elevated body temperature

sebaceous glands

Acne is a disorder involving the ___ ___


The deepest cells of the epidermis make up the stratum___


As epidermal cells are pushed toward the surface, strands of protein called ¬¬_____ develop in their cytoplasm


____ is the pigment produced by melanocytes


The ____ tissue of the subcutaneous layer acts as a heat insulator


The ____ glands of the skin respond to emotional stress and begin to function at puberty


The arrector pili muscle is composed of _____ muscle tissue


_____ is the oily secretion of the sebaceous gland


The skin is one of the larger organs of the body (T/F)


In healthy skin, the production of epidermal cells is closely balanced with the loss of skin cells (T/F)


The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum basale and the innermost layer is the stratum corneum (T/F)


The dermis is very flat compared to the epidermis, which has ridges projecting inward and elevations called papillae (T/F)


Carcinomas appear most often in the skin of the neck, face, and scalp (T/F)


Hair color is determined by the amount of keratin protein produced during keratinization (T/F)


These tissues make up ___; Skeletal muscle tissue, connective tissue, nervous tissue, and blood

Myosin and actin

Striations in skeletal muscles are caused by the arrangement of what thick and thin filament structures in the muscles?

sternum; clavicle

Explain how a muscle like the sternocleidomastoid gets its name. It covers the area near the ___ and the ___


A think flat sheet of connective tissue between muscles such as between the external oblique muscles is called (a/an)


A layer of dense connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles and is also continuous with tendons is called (a/an)


A bundle of muscle fibers is called (a/an)


(T/F) A Carbohydrate filaments of actin and myosin make up sarcomeres

a neuromuscular junction

The site where a motor neuron and muscle fiber meet

a motor unit

Controls many muscle fibers that all contract at once


Muscles ____ as myosin cross-bridges attach to and pull on actin filaments


Which element is essential for muscle contraction?


This pigment stores oxygen in the muscles and gives muscle tissue a reddish color

lactic acid

During strenuous activity ___________ is produced during anaerobic respiration and can be the cause of sore muscles

a titanic contraction

A contraction without any relaxation is called


Mitochondria are abundant at the neuromuscular junction (T/F)


Neurotransmitters are stored in the synaptic vesicles of the motor neurons (T/F)


Muscles can only have one origin and insertion (T/F)


Muscles contract by the shortening of sarcomeres (T/F)


Muscle cramps occur when there is not enough ATP to return calcium ions back into the sarcoplasmic reticulum (T/F)


An increase in the number of motor units activated during a contraction is called summation (T/F)


A muscle fiber remains unresponsive to stimulation unless the _____reached


A single short contraction involving only a few motor units is referred to as a ____

latent period

The time delay between when a stimulus is applied and when the muscle contracts are called the _____ _____


The combination of recruitment and summation results in a _____ contraction


The immovable attachment point of a muscle is called the origin the movable end of the muscle is called the _____


Rythmicity in smooth muscles of hollow tube like organs, results in actions like swallowing and the movement of feces through the intestine. This wave like motion is called _____


A muscle that opposes the action of another muscle is called (a/an)_____


Low intake of dietary calcium, Lack of physical exercise and Frequent use of beverage alcohol will increase your risk of ____


An ____ is a mature bone cell surrounded by matrix


The microscopic bony chambers that house mature bone cells are called ____

Calcium phosphate

The salts that form tiny crystals in the intercellular matrix of bone tissue consist largely of ___ ___

Intramembranous bone

Bone that develops between sheetlike layers of connective tissue is called ___ ___

Red bone marrow

__ __ ___ functions in the formation of red and white blood cells and platelets


The cells responsible for removing excess bone tissue after the fracture repair process are ____

Zygomatic and temporal bones

The zygomatic arch is composed of processes of the ___ and ___ __


A cleft palate results from incomplete development of the ___

Maxillary bone

Which of the following is part of the facial skeleton?

Articular cartilage

The degenerative joint disease osteoarthritis may develop as a result of wearing away or softening of the ___ ___


Arthroscopy is a procedure used to examine the ___


Osteoclasts are large cells that cause the breakdown of osseous tissue (T/F)


The appendicular skeleton consists of the parts that support and protect the head, neck and trunk (T/F)


The importance of fontanels in the infant's skull is to permit some movement of bones, thereby enabling the infant to pass more easily though the birth canal (T/F)


The tarsal bones form the wrist (T/F)


A meniscus functions to cushion articulating surfaces of bones (T/F)


Synovial fluid moistens and lubricates the cartilaginous surfaces within a joint (T/F)


The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint (T/F)


The tough, fibrous tissue that encloses a long bone is called the ___________


The basic parts of a(an) __________ include a rod, fulcrum, weight and force


__________ is the process of blood cell formation


The membranous soft spots of a newborn's skull are called __________


The bones of the wrist together form the __________

Symphysis pubis

The joint created by the two pubic bones is the __________


________ are large cells that can cause the breakdown of bone tissue


A long bone grows in thickness as bone tissue is deposited beneath its ___________

interveterbral discs

The cartilaginous parts that separate the vertebrae are called __________


The movement of a limb away from the midline is ______

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