Dante's Inferno Levels of Hell

Levels of hell and the punishments of each.
The Dark Wood
Where Dante arives for straying from a righteous life, Where he meets the Lion, the Wolf, and the Leopard which block his path to leave. He meets virgil here who will guide him through the depths of hell in order to exit.
For those who live without disgrace and without praise. They are stuck crying and sighing in depression for never knowing the presence of God.
First Circle
Also known as Limbo,

For those worthy but not baptised and/or before the time of Christianity. They live in a fog away from the grace of god. Fitting because the Fog blinds the inhabitants much like the absense of God blinds them with no hope, and ever longing for God.

Chief Sinners: Virgil, Homer
Second Circle
For the Lustful, Carnal Sinners

They are blown around by a violent, never ending storm, never to rest.

Fitting because this is how one would imagine life being if one lived purly off of emotions, uncontrolled, never settled.

Chief Sinners: Francesca da Rimini, who slept with her brother-in-law, Paolo Malatesta
Third Circle
For the gluttons

They are rained upon by skinky rain and garbage, and stand in worms decomposing the mess.

fitting because over-indulgence is grotesque, ugly, and causes waste, in which the sinners must eternally live in. Constantly barked at by Cerberus.

Chief Sinner: Ciacco, He tells of the fall of Dante's Political party in Florence
Fourth circle
For the Avaricious (Hoarders) and the Prodigal (Squanderers).

Forced to push stones against eachother, each saying the other is wrong in the way they manage money. Fitting because they are both bad but on opposite ends of the spectrum. For their imbalanced lifestyle they must forever work against each other to even each other out.

Chief Sinners: Unknown, an aspect of the sin that they commited: money takes over identity.
Fifth circle
For the Wrathful and the Sullen.

The wrathful are on the bank of the river Styx and are constantly fighting in the mud. Fitting because they could not manage their anger in life.

the Sullen are submerged in the black tar river, forever choking. Fitting because they never enjoyed their freedoms, so now they are forever stuck in the river.
Sixth Circle
For the Heretics

They are locked in Burning Tombs. Fitting because Fire (a symbol of gods love) consumes them in toruture, for in life they went against god, so now they cannot escape his love. They also can only see distant events, not the present

Chief Sinner: Farinat who predicts Dante will be exiled from Florence.
Seventh circle

-First Ring-
For violence against neighbors.

Made to boil in blood, and shot by arrows if they et out higher than they are deemed worthy. Fitting because those torturedmust boil in the blood they creted in life by violence.

Chief sinner: alexander the great, who was violent against many of his countrymen as a tyrant.
Seventh Circle

-Second Ring-
For those violent against themselves

they are turned into trees and are immobile. They are tortured and pecked at by Harpies. They will never be returned to their bodies because they didnt properly appreciate them in the first place.

Chief Sinner: Pier della Vigna, who felt so ashamed by the lies of shcemers, took his own life.
Seventh circle

-Third Ring-
or those violent against God.

Three circles:

Blasphamers - Just on hot sand

Sodomites - Also rained upon my fire

Violent against art - also with purses around thier necks

Chief Sinner: Capaneus, Besieged Thebes. He is very defiant, still, and says hell shall never break him.
Circle Eight and Nine Philosiphy
8 is where the normal fraud is punished, and 9 is where sacred fraud is punished.
Eighth Circle
-Pouch one-
For the Panderers and Seducers

They are forced to run back and forth away from whiping demons. fitting because seducers and panderers were like slave drivers, so now they must suffer the fate of a slave. constantly moved by threats and acts of violence.

Chief Sinner: Jason, Murdered men, abused women, and ruined the land.
Eighth circle

-pouch two-
For the flatterers

Burried in Excrement. Fitting for the "bullshite" that comes from their mouths, that they now must stand in.

Chief sinner: Thais, who returned her lover's question with false answers.
Eighth Circle

-Pouch Three-
For those who held offices that did nothing or were corrupt.

Burried head first with flames burning their feet.

Chief Sinners: Many clegry and popes, especially Pope Nicholas the Third
Eighth Circle

-pouch four-
For Diviners Astologers, and Magicians

They must walk forever with their heads facing backwards. Fitting because they wanted to look ahead and beyond in life, they are forced to forever look back.

Chief sinner: Tiresias, Changed from a man to a woman. Ew.
Eighth Circle

-pouch five-
For Barrators (those who betray a ship owner, or rightful owner of borrowed property)

They are forced under shipping tar by demons. Fitting because they are now burried in the tar of the ships they misused.

Chief Sinner: Fra gomita, would steal his masters gold and consort with his ememies.
Eighth Circle

-Pouch Six-
For the Hypocrites

They walk in circles with beautiful robes, but the inside is of lead. Fitting because they make look beautiful, but the lead on the inside weighs on them just as their falsity secretly weighs on them.

Chief Sinners: Catalano and Loderingo, started a civil war based on thier meddling in florence's afairs.
Eighth Circle

-pouch seven-
For the Thieves

They are constantly seaching for a home for their soul, because their bodies are constantly stolen and manipulated by snakes. fitting because they stole in life, and had no respect for property, and are condemened to such a fate.

chief sinner: Vanni Fucci, for stealing a "scarcity" He later curses God.
Eighth Circle

-Pouch eight-
For Fradulent Councelors

They are contained within flames shaped like tongues, because the advise they give is false and incorrect.

Chief Sinners: Ulysses and Diomedes, both for fraud during the Trojan war. Guido for giving advice on how to defeat the pope's enemies, for which he was promised salvation (an impossibility)
Eighth Circle

-Pouch nine-
For the Sowers of Scandal

They are forced to walk in a circle and silced when they reach the begining and re-heal as they walk around only to be cut again.

Chief sinner: Mohammed
Eighth Circle

-Pouch ten-
For the Falsifiers

Of metals - plagued with scratchy scabs

counterfeiters of other people - Turn on each other like animals

Of coins - mingle with the counterfeiters of people

Chief Sinners : Myrah, disguised herself as her mother to sleep with her father
Ninth Circle

-Circle one-
Caina (after cain)

For Traitors of Kin

Frozen in the lake up to their heads, teeth chattering.

Fitting because cold and lack of movement mean a lacking of soul, which is needed, according to dante, for a sacred betrayal.

Chief Sinner: Bocca, an Italian Traitor, Dante tears out some of his hair.
Ninth Circle

-Circle two-
for traitors to country or party.

Chief Sinners: Ugolino, who eats the head of Ruggieri, for imprisoning him and his sons.

Fitting because his rage that consumed him in life is now never satiated by the eating of his head.
Ninth Circle

-Circle three-
Upper hell, is where sins of lost control are punished, such as lust and gluttony

Lower hell is where the sins that require personal choice take place. These are separated by the river styx, where the wrathful and sullen are punished