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Chapter 9.13 Virtual Memory

Which aspects of virtual memory can you configure on a Windows workstation?
Location of the paging file.

Maximum size of the paging file.
What is the recommended size of the paging file under normal circumstances on a Windows 10 system with 8 GB of RAM installed?
Equal to the amount of physical RAM.
Which of the following is another name for the paging file?
Virtual Memory.
You have been having trouble with your laptop crashing. You would like your computer to create a memory dump file when it crashes. Where should you place the paging file?
On the system volume
Which tool would you use to configure the paging file location and size on a Windows system?
Advanced System Settings in Control Panel.
Consider the virtual memory configuration for the Windows 10 system shown in the exhibit.

Given that this Windows 10 system has 16 BG of system RAM and three hard disks installed, which configuration change could you make to the paging file to increase system performance?
Add paging files to the E: and F: volumes.